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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Shifting Gears (Crossroads #2) [Rod & Landon] by Riley Hart

Truthfully I can't explain it. I just didn't connect to either MC. I came out blank considering what my problem IS really. But I don't know. Both Rod and Landon are likable though neither is perfect (a good sign), each has his own sad story though there is still more to be revealed and especially to one another where I stopped (~32% in). I just didn't really care. I found myself struggling to read and mostly struggling to GET BACK to reading. I think I haven't read for more than a week just not feeling like it AT ALL. That's quite strange for me, if it happens usually it's BETWEEN books not while reading one.

We've met Rod Nelson before, he worked at a sex shop Nick and Bryce visited. They had a friendly conversation but turns out they somehow became friends (as we met both Nick and Bryce in this one). Landon Harrison is not really new in town, he grew up here, but he didn't see himself returning. But his sister getting married is reason enough.. Through Rod, whom he meets at Rod's new sex shop, he gets a job as a mechanic in Bryce's place and soon they strike a friendship neither is TRULY okay with. They both want to have sex with one another, but Landon puts all the breaks, he would rather have the friendship and mixing it up with sex, no mater how much he is attracted to Rod (and vice versa), seem like a bad idea in his book..

They circle one another, they spend time together, they talk of nothing important, yet they really enjoy each other's company. Both Landon and Rod come to question their resolve, each for his own reasons.. But where I left off there is little that actually happened between the two. I was a bit disappointed, I mean, there was A LOT of sex talk but in the end it just dragged. There was ALMOST a tender moment which was TOTALLY ruined by Landon's very strange behavior. That's one of the things that made me realize just HOW disconnected I feel to both Landon and Rod. I WANT them to be together, because I feel how much they need it, need each other, but I'm not invested enough in the story to actually get to read of it myself.

I'm sorry. I can't really explain my reasoning, but I'm letting this one go. I DID enjoy the first installment - Crossroads - but this one somehow didn't work for me. 


DNF 32%
Read on:
25 May - 9 June 2019

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