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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Scorpio Hates Virgo (Signs of Love #2) [Percy & Callaghan] by Anyta Sunday

This story was as sweet as the previous one. Percy and Callaghan are playing "nemesis" but really, under the surface they have been friends ever since they were teens. Spending time together while Percy is adamant about selling his late aunt's house (the house right in front of the Glover family) makes Percy realize not only how much he is not alone in the world but also where home is.

Percy Freedman spend his teens living with his aunt. His family didn't accept him (and his sexuality) so Abby was his whole world. When she died Percy was crushed. Though he was staying at her house while trying to make it more "sell-able" the memories hurt too much to even consider staying long term and that's without mentioning his crash on Callaghan Glover makes things even more complicated. In his heart he knew for YEARS how much he wanted Callaghan, but he didn't think they had ANY chance considering Callaghan is straight (or is he? ;)). I actually really appreciated Anyta for the way Callaghan explained his sexuality and how he saw Percy. It made so much sense!

Abby's house is located in this little dead end road with the nicest neighbors anyone could ask for. Yeah they're nosy, what did you expect? I loved that whole "old vibe", I think now, when people are more involved with themselves (and their mobile phones), we don't really know our neighbors so I really like this one gave this feelings of community as it USED to be but also as it CAN be. Playing "Gnomes", helping each other out, each in his / her own way was simply adorable. Also really enjoyed the family dynamics between the Glover family especially mixed with Percy, he fit right in, that's for sure!

Spending time together, helping each other out, realizing the "nemesis" game is getting out, Percy fears to even consider anything real between him and Callaghan. But when they finally share a kiss Percy is even more confused. We don't get Callaghan's POV, which in a way is better because we experience Percy in a more raw way and when Callaghan finally opens up to Percy (when he feels Percy is ready for that) his whole behavior makes so much sense I feel kinda stupid for not realizing how much thought Callaghan put into pursuing Percy.

Their story was sweet and heartfelt but I'm not sure why I wasn't as hooked as I was with Theo and Jamie. If you're wondering what's the connection between the two stories, it's Crystal - Theo and Leone's mother - the Horoscope Queen who meddles in this one just a little bit to make sure the Scorpio doesn't run away, especially not from his Virgo. Theo, Leone and Jamie actually make the smallest appearance but I don't think it would matter if you haven't read it - though I suggest that you do!

Right at the very end we get a Sneak Peek Epilogue. I'm not sure why it's also separated into a downloadable novella as it's present in the Kindle Edition novel. I'll add my thought about it in a dedicated "Scorpio Loops Virgo" post (as the epilogue/novella is called).

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