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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kiss Me Again by Garrett Leigh

This book was SO beautiful and raw and angsty in the best possible way. I LOVED both Ludo and Aidan and seeing them fall in love, form a family together was heart breakingly beautiful (sorry for the repetitive word ;)). While this book is an absolute stand alone, we get the littlest mention of Angelo, the MC from "Dream", just so you know.

It's been a while since I last wrote a full review or READ a whole book. When I ask myself WHY I read, the answer is quite obvious because of THIS. This is what makes me happy even if it sounds a bit f*ed up as these two went through A LOT in this book and most not that easy to deal with.. But anyhow, I"m trying to say, I read to find optimism in life even though it's fictional, I read to enjoy this endless emotion and love we rarely see (or feel) in real life. I read for the wonderful journey the characters, and we, as readers, go through all together to come in the end with a feeling of completion, of hope and love. A sort of high that makes the whole hurtful journey worth it and this one is SO worth it.

Aidan Drummond is a tree surgeon. Swear to ____ (whatever deity you believe in, though I believe in none hehe) this is what the synopsis says. It basically means he takes care of trees, healing them, but at times, when needed, taking them down. He knows what he is doing and yet a freakish accident brings him tumbling down from WAY up. When he wakes up in the hospital things aren't looking great, though the guy on the bed next sure does.. and if he can't really remember his face he'll sure remember his light touch and soothing voice.

Ludovico Giordano had a difficult life, his family never understood him and so when they basically left him behind he had to learn to fend for himself, that's not that easy considering he is dealing with Bi-Polar disorder. Yet between being too Yellow and too Black he mostly finds the balance to live his life. It's not ideal but it is what it is. Aidan is a nice distraction from the regular elderly people who surround him in his own hospital admission - needing to re-do a surgery on his arm. Aidan is not just easy on the eyes, there is something else about him that makes Ludo pay more attention to the guy.

Aidan is the kind of guy who lives by himself and talks to no one unless there is a VERY good reason to and even then he is mostly obnoxious. He had enough human interaction with his father (who died a few years ago) and he isn't interested in more, not even with his cousin who actually seems concerned, coming to visit him in the hospital. Yet somehow he strikes a friendship with Ludo. Surprisingly enough talking, helping each other out (the little they can), being there for one another is somehow easy.

When Ludo's time at the hospital abruptly comes to an end they are both left with very little knowledge about one another. Yet as fate (or rather Garrett..) brought them together, they were bound to re-meet again totally by accident. When THAT happens, Ludo realizes how much Aidan needs him and he is determined to help him out. It was truly endearing seeing Ludo, with all of his problems, insecurities, anxieties and paranoid thinking, he still always wants what's best for Aidan but what was even more beautiful was seeing how the interaction between the two made both of them grow and also appreciate more the life around them and their time together.

They started out as friends, I think it's obvious that even that was a bit scary for these two. They were used to being on their own, being together, sharing time together, opening up, was the easiest thing but was also quite difficult. While Aidan didn't always get Ludo, he still accepted him for who he is, never questioning him or labeling him. Ludo on the other hand did the opposite in a way, he took the labels Aidan stuck on himself - of being mean, unsocial, uncaring - and threw them out the window. He could SEE Aidan for who he TRULY is and he wasn't taking Aidan's words seriously. Together they were a better version of themselves. Yeah, they weren't perfect from the start and weren't when the book is concluded, but what they achieved together was incredibly beautiful.

I could NOT put this book down. I had to MADE myself do it when it became late I needed to sleep and then I continued reading just as I returned home from work TOTALLY leaving behind what I SHOULD have been doing. I loved so much about this book. The fact it was centered on these two (with very little interference from other characters) and yet it was always engaging, the way their friendship progressed so easily yet slowly (especially the sexual side - I much prefer the slow burn), I loved how "flawed" both of them were (which made them even more human and "real"), and though they helped each other out they did NOT heal one another, they did NOT "fix" or change each other. They were imperfectly perfect together.

When the book was concluded I felt I got EVERYTHING I could have asked for. I didn't need a minute or a page more. I FELT these two are going to have a beautiful life together even if it's not always going to be easy. Which made this book even more genuine and heart felt.

I could ramble for another hour and fill two many rows or even paragraphs about how much I absolutely LOVED this book but I'll end now with a request you head over to Amazon and grab your own copy.

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