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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 2019 Reading List? Nobody cares....

I've been doing a monthly "preview" of my scheduled books for a LONG while now and though theoretically I love doing those I don't stick to the plan AT ALL. Either because I don't manage to read all the books or I change them up completely after deciding to let go of a series. So basically with all the changes I make throughout the month, there is no sense reading this post in the actual month is was written..

I also used to do monthly recaps, but I got tired of those because I felt I was repeating myself unnecessarily as I'm already writing detailed reviews to all the books I read..

So I decided to delete the whole concept! I might add monthly something, maybe not even books related, just a general "life" update. We'll see..

But since I still DO plan my reading, I enlarged my "Next on my list.." (on the left sidebar) which is updated automatically through my GoodReads monthly bookshelf.

Happy Spring! See you on my next review!
Beautiful rose from a friends' garden, 
If you could have seen them all and actually SMELLED them.. Bliss!

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