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Friday, April 19, 2019

Daring Duke (Love Letters #4) [Duke & Rohan] by Anyta Sunday

This book was a struggle for me. It's not (just) the turf of second cousins getting together as a couple, it's Duke who is 22 years old and behaves SO childishly I can't understand how a 30 years old guy would find him appealing (with of without a family relation).

We've met Duke Lawrence-Decker briefly in the first installment, he is River, Ben and Landon's friend, the one who likes to party and have great time. But that's all we got. Nothing on what he actually DOES for a living and frankly even his second cousin Rohan doesn't know that now...

Duke have been living in Rohan's mansion for years now, ever since he was 12 years old. Rohan was a mentor for him, but at a certain point when Duke realized he is attracted to Rohan he became "a brat" and they started to get farther apart up until Rohan barely came home (scheduled more and more business trips) and when he was at home, Duke made sure not to be..

Rohan Lawrence-Decker had enough, he wants to remedy his relationship with Duke even if he is secretly attracted to him, and once he starts to re-get to know him he loves what he sees. Yeah Duke can be pretty sweet, yet he is still annoying as hell with his attitude and how much he hides from Rohan about himself, and I'm not talking about his feelings.. He keeps running away and playing games. I had enough of that right from the start and it didn't get any better not even in the last chapter!

Rohan wants Duke, he truly does, but having him means losing the company he worked YEARS to make his own, the company which belongs to Duke's parents. From the clientele it's obvious being openly gay is NOT an option, not to mention he hasn't a clue what his family is going to say about the matter, his sexual orientation, yeah, but also his love interest.. Actually it went better than I expected even too picturesque but once we got there I was truly over this book and mostly over Duke.

I'm sorry, it was in a way sweet, but it was mostly AWKWARD. I mean, I expected the second cousins to be further apart, and not to mention their family connecting SO OFTEN. They ARE family, and Rohan was more than just a role model for Duke, he was a sort of parental figure so them being together, with the 8 year gap and everything they went through together while Duke was growing up - icky.. I'm sorry.. I guess the family to lovers turf isn't really for me..

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19 April 2019

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