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Friday, April 26, 2019

Cinders by Cari Z.

This story was simply ADORABLE, even though it was also quite strange. I LOVED IT! It's a different modern re-telling of Cinderella and though it's very different than our usual story it's also the closest I've read to the original while still being modern at the same time. Confused? sorry about that hehe

Ash (our modern Cinderella) was only 18 years old to Ty's 16 when he took him in and helped him in his own way to independence. They stayed together for the past 3 years but while Ash kept his lifestyle, Ty wanted more and so he started studying in the nearby community college. It's hard to say if Ash is jealous, he is mostly sad Ty feels more far away and out of reach. It won't be long until he won't be enough for Ty or Ty would start feeling ashamed of his friendship with him, after all, he is basically a prostitute..

After one of their usual fights of Ty asking Ash to think of other means to support them (like Ty found in the library) Ash storms off.. He spends the night in a very strange house and when he awaken he finds himself in a fairy tale world and him being Cinderella. It's a very strange world and his way of getting out was ALL on him and he made it on his own way and when he did there was only one person he wanted to be with until their very own Happily Ever After.

HIGHLY recommended. It's short and free (click on the blue button bellow for the direct link), it's familiar and yet so very unique. Give it a go you won't be disappointed :)

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26 April 2019

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