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Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 2018 Reading List

While the schedule was - June hysterically busy -> July everything calms down - In reality I had a fairly "regular" pressure month on June - which explain how I got to read ALL the books on my reading list! (THAT doesn't happen often...), but now most of July will pack more stuff in it..  I'm actually debating doing one of my assignments on one of the books I have on my list this month.. not sure it will work but it will be REALLY cool if it does workout! (*Truthfully, I'm TERRIFIED of the exam I have on the 25th but I'll just have to do my most and hope for the best. I'll be over the moon once it's behind me! 

I DO have something else to look forward to this month. I REALLY want to get a new tattoo (actually twins :)), it's been rolling around in my head for a LONG time now, so it's finally time to make it happen! I have two more I'm still somewhat debating. One is actually pretty clear in my head (just waiting for the right timing), and the other is still just a concept/idea which means it will take a few years till I actually get it tattooed. I rarely "go back" on an idea, so I'm pretty sure it WILL happen, but there is much to think about still.. 

I'll be keeping it simple this month reading-wise, a bit like I did in June. I have 4 new release, a YA by Sarina (haven't read one of THOSE in a while) and two more Contemporary Romance novels by Amy and Serena and a new Romantic Suspense By Charlie. Besides that I'll be continuing with two of my "projects" for this year - Mary and Suki and also a new to me series and author - Jill Shalvis. 

(*) It DIDN'T work out in the end like I thought it would but lucky enough the beautiful Covet by Tracey Gravis-Graves popped into my mind and so I got it on Audiobook. It was as emotional and heart breaking as I remembered but also heart felt and so very human. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 


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