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Friday, June 1, 2018

June 2018 Reading List

June will be continuing my hectic schedule but I swear once it's all over (middle of July) I'm going on a vocation. Don't care where to, don't care what's on the agenda just taking a few days OFF everything. I truly need it.

When this month will be over I HOPE that two of my most stressful assignments would be behind me. That would be GREAT. Will leave me with a better start to July.

So this month I'll keep it light, I want to read 3 new releases (Charlie Cochet, Katy Regnery and Garrett Leigh) which I really can't wait for, but I"m not sure what I'll actually get to besides those.


Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
Total Books: 10
Total Pages: 2102
Pages per day: ~70
Click for more Recap & Goals of previous months

♥ Contemporary Romance & Romantic Suspese 
♥ Paranormal Romance 
♥ Historical Romance 

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