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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Crocus (Bonfires #2) by Amy Lane

What a treat this one was! I LOVED Aaron and Larx in the 1st installment, the way they got together and merge their families was a pleasure to read. This one was no different only we got to see them living together FOR REAL and dealing with life. This time Aaron getting hurt and feeling "useless" while Larx was "playing the hero" and trying to manage their joined household and that without mentioning the problems their kids have and their efforts to solve what they can, together and alone.

If you haven't read the first one - Bonfires - YOU MUST. It's beautifully written second chance romance. Aaron and Larx deserve to get their HEA, both raising kids on their own, now finally finding the time for love. Both are over 40 and though their previous marriage was to women, their second chapter seems to be their true HEA. As it was in the first one when they just got to know each other, in this one also, life gets in the way of their planning. There are new kids who need to be rescued and both Aaron and Larx will do their best to offer help and there's also a personal problem at home with Larx's older daughter Livvy returning home from college not only with child but also dealing with depression. The first seems easier to deal than the second...

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Love in Spades (Four Kings Security #1) [Ace & Colton] by Charlie Cochet

This one was such a treat! I LOVED it! I don't read many Romantic Suspense novels, maybe because generally speaking I don't usually drawn to mystery novels. Yet Charlie knows how to mix well the suspense/mystery with the romantic part. MOST of this book is about Ace and Colton falling in love, but the suspense isn't forgotten, it's just PACKED in the end with enough action and drama to keep me on my toes up to the very end.

This is a new series by Charlie. I ADORED her PNR/UF series "THIRDS" and though they don't have anything really in common, what they DO share is the action/mystery. After reading this series I knew I need to grab all of Charlie's books. Up until now I mostly read PNR and Historicals so getting this book as an ARC was such a wonderful surprise! Well, the series itself was a surprise for me! After reading this one I really can't wait for the others ones in the series!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Regret Me Not by Amy Lane

Beautiful, sweet, endearing. LOVED IT! It was tender as it was heart breaking and I have a feeling if we got Hal's POV and not only Pierce's it would have been heart wrecking! so maybe Amy did us a favor focusing on Pierce. I loved everything about this book, it felt a whole story even though it was quite short and though Pierce and Hal MIGHT be considered too different to form something real together - they proved it - it's not about age, it's not about status, it's not about occupation or even where you live - it's about companionship, compassion, acceptance, tenderness, trust. THESE things are what makes a couple PERFECT together. These two have it all.  

Pierce Atwater is at the lowest he's EVER been. Unemployed and o his way to divorce is really the icing on the cake.. He is also recovering from a car accident which left him shattered outside needing A LOT of time for recovering. In pain, grumpy and depressed he spend his time in his sister's house until he realizes his mean behavior shouldn't be directed toward the one person he loves and appreciated best in his life. Packing his stuff he decides to spend the month before Christmas in a friend's apartment in Florida. The best thing about said apartment is the pool allowing him the physiotherapy he needs on his long way to recovery.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Foxling Soldati (Soldati Hearts #2) [Rayner & Toka] by Charlie Cochet

Okay, this book KILLED me! It's not only held me on the edge of my seat, it left me with a nauseating stomach that wouldn't settle down until it was all finished! The book starts sweetly, with Raynar and Toka playing around, continue to Ezra (one of the Soldati "Royal Entourage" to King Khalon) prophesying a visit from the King of the Bear-Shifters going to end up VERY badly. You don't know the half of that!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Soldati Prince (Soldati Hearts #1) [Khalon & Riley] by Charlie Cochet

This was more than I expected it to be! At first I was trying to figure our "what's going on?", and trying to find good virtue in the overly bossy and annoying Khalon when I caught myself truly caught (!) in the story. It was sweet and quite short, actually gave a good world building without interfering with the romantic part which while short as well was still enough for me. Really interested seeing where this series is going to go from here. There are enough hints at the next couple (and there IS a book of these two – my next read!)

Riley Murrough is an ordinary barista. His life isn't that exciting. But one night it all changes when Demons come to visit the café he works at. One minute he is finishing a few cakes left of the day the next he is running from his life only to be rescued by 4 HUGE tigers who later on transforms back to human form. Say what?! Not only that but as he is touched for a brief moment by one of the Demons a tattoo-like mark appears on his arm, one that makes the shifters take him away to their enchanted land.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Love in Retrograde by Charlie Cochet

WOW! Simply OUTSTANDING! Near midnight I realized I can't sleep so decided to start reading this one. I was actually afraid to start.. I don't usually like Sci-Fi (novels, movies, etc) but as I'm going through Charlie's booklist I decided to give this one a go and I'm so glad I did! I couldn't and wouldn't put this one down until I finished. WOW. What an emotional ride. It was SO not what I was expecting, though I'm not even sure what I DID expect. 

I have very little I can say about this novel not to spoiler it. A word can destroy it for you and I really don't want to do that! We are in the future, New London to be precise. Kelly Sutton has been working on a special project called "Mars". Though he did a lot of work behind the scenes he actually doesn't know what this project IS or what it DOES or suppose to do. Yet he wants more, and as he decides to ask to be more involved he stumbles upon a conversation he shouldn't have heard making his wish come true - now he is SERIOUSLY involved in the project. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Worth a Shot by Cari Z.

Wow, I'm actually quite surprised how much of a REAL story we got for this short novella, though I AM reducing half a star because this could barely even be considered as a HFN.

Samara Wynne feels like she has found not only the best roommate for the other side of her duplex, but also the love of her life in Katie Hansen but though everything SEEMS perfect - them getting along, practically sharing a dog,spending time together including sleeping together, and yet something doesn't feel quite right about Katie insecurities, well, up until Sam finds herself facing the barrel of a gun. From there, everything she thought she knew about Katie and what she pictured her or rather their life together was about to change. 

500 Kisses by Anyta Sunday

This one was great! Really liked it! Enjoyed getting the back and forth of these two, in their own voice and between one another. 

Chris Montgomery and Dylan Halsworth are neighbors, at the moment not very friendly ones. When Dylan needs Chris' help he is reluctant to even ask but he doesn't have any choice. Though they grew up together several mistakes done by both of them tore them apart from best friends to close to enemies. To Dylan's surprise Chris actually accepts though he has his ulterior motives for his initial act. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Bird Meets Cage by Anyta Sunday

This was SO SO beautiful and yet heart breaking at the same time. I LOVED it though I felt a sort of agony the whole time waiting, wanting "Stardust" and "Floss" to find their to their HEA. They deserved it so much, they deserved each other! ~sigh~ 

This short novella is told solely from Nathan's POV. Nearing his 18th birthday when the circus is in town he works at the cotton candy stand. There he meets "Blue" a performer who takes his breath away, seeing him before he even knew his show name in his heart he calls him "Stardust". 

Roses in the Devil's Garden (Fallen Rose #1) [Harlan & Nathan] by Charlie Cochet

I almost didn't finish this one. I've read half, got annoyed, decided not to continue then in the morning thought I should give it a full chance, after all it's quit short so.. Can't say it made me like this one better. But at least I sort of got the whole story. Thing is, it feels (and it ends) like a beginning of a new series. One that deals with issues that honestly don't interest me that much though I'm  probably in a minority here... I haven't watched any movie of series from the Prohibition times where the mob was stronger than the police or maybe the police was just a part of the problem with dirty cops all around. Harlan Mackay and Nathan Reilly are actually the good guys and though they have a hard time trusting the people around them - they have each other. BEWARE SPOILERS AHEAD! 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Born of Darkness (Hunter Legacy #1) [Asher & Naomi] by Lara Adrian

I'll admit I have HIGH expectation from Lara. The Midnight Breed is one of my absolute favorite PNR series and the Hunters' stories is something I wondered about especially since "Deeper than Midnight" (Hunter and Corrine's book). I wanted to learn more about them, what they went through, to see them grow into independent men. In this one I felt we got a lot more of Naomi's story than Asher (which was mostly revealed to us in the end). 

Asher have been living a life of mostly solitude since he was released from captivity. He had a human companion he lived with for years, but he died leaving Asher to live in his farm on his own. He doesn't mind that really but when he saves a young woman - Naomi, all that is about to change. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

In one word - AWESOME. But clearly it's not enough for this lengthy novel. I loved EVERYTHING about this novel, especially how kick-ass our MC (and sole POV) Salome Casillas is! Not that Reiner Kulti isn't, but she knows how to put him in his place which was mostly HILARIOUS, the names she calls him! I DIED laughing. "Sauerkraut" definitely suits our grumpy German hehe 

Sal is a professional soccer player, she has worked the past 20 years of her life to be the absolute best she can get. Her first inspiration was Reiner Kulti who took the world of Soccer in a storm when she was only 7 years old. Naturally she developed a HUGE crush on him, a crush that died first when he got married (even if only for a short while) and the second when he faced her brother (a soccer player as well) on the field. She isn't the kid she used to be anymore, but hearing the retired German player is on his way to coach her team - the Pipers - DOES rattle her.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Soul to Keep (Rented Heart #2) [Jamie & Marc] by Garrett Leigh

Heart breakingly beautiful. As I finished this one, I looked again on the cover and the name of this book and it clicked in such a way for me. The title is SO accurate. For both Marc and Jamie, it's that place they found in one another which allowed them to share their souls. What they went through in life left marks, some visible, but most of them invisible, they each needed to learn to put their trust and love in someone who might be unexpected but is the absolute best person to guard their hearts. 

We've already met the two MC in this one. Jamie is Zac's best friend from the first installment "Rented Heart" and Marc appears in "Between Ghosts". It isn't necessary to read neither of them to enjoy this one as a totally standalone novel but I would recommend both of them as I do with every one of Garrett's books. Yes she is a bit sadistic with what she makes her characters go through but it's SO worth the journey we get with the characters and the best kind of a future she enables each one of them to get - in the end. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Smiling Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #2) [Tierney & Burr] by Katy Regnery

Outstanding! You know what's the best way to know if a book is absolutely GREAT? When you sit and read the WHOLE thing in one go. That's how this one went for me. I literally made ONE break to feed to dogs hehe (not being fed on time is a HUGE offense in this house). Tierney and Burr story, their romance, crushed my heart in the best possible way. I LOVED it! I loved the way it progressed, the sort of faith and belief they had in one another and in a better future. I loved how they saw the absolute best in one another and cherished it. SUCH a beautiful story. 

In a way I have nothing to add hehe you should just go ahead and read it yourself and let us all be done with it! If you haven't read the first one you definitely SHOULD but it's not really a must. Tierney's way of life and the circumstances which brought Burr into her world made this one mostly about the two of them though her two brothers have enough appearances. Can I just add I can't wait for Ian's story?  

I'm not really going to give up on writing a whole review! I have A LOT to say and I intend to say it! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 2018 Reading List

Though last month was SO busy I have something to look forward to next month - just booked a mini vocation to London on May. It's going to be short and in the middle of too many things but it's still going to be a whiff of fresh air I need NOW, but I'll settle for a month from now. 

I just started a new course, which will take me in a different direction. It's not a new profession, rather an extension of a current hobby. I'm really excited about that though I'll admit I'm scared s%#*less about the exam at the end. What I wouldn't give for a CLEAR indication of what's going to be on that one. I'll know more about it in the next two months (exam set for the middle of June. Yikes!)

In the meanwhile there is something that is not going to change - me reading. The next 2 to 3 months are going to be challenging study-wise but with enough reading I might pass all of it sanely ;) I know I have a hard time following my schedule but hopefully with all the exciting new releases I'll stick at least to them!

Happy Spring 🌷

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