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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Lingus by Mariana Zapata

After reading "The Wall of Winnipeg and Me" I knew I needed to read more by Mariana, when I've heard she also own Great Danes there was NO WAY I wasn't scheduling all of her books ASAP hehe. This was Mariana's first book and I gotta say I really enjoyed it! :) I'm usually not that into long romance novels (unless they are of the PNR genre) but the "slow burn" works SO WELL with Mariana's writing. 

This is a sort of "unlikely" romance story in which our sweet and in a way innocent young woman - Katherine Berger - falls for the porn star and he in turn falls madly with her as well. You would think it's going to be a kinky story but though there are jokes and sexual innuendos, this was a sweet story of a two strangers becoming best friends and little by little falling in love. 

I would rather say very little about the plot not to spoiler the beginning and everything it entails. What I WILL say, I really loved our boy Tristan King. He was THE sweetest. He offered Kat the only thing he could and was tormented even when he wasn't realizing it that he can't offer her more while in the business. I loved that we got only Kat's POV because it gave the story a mystery I really enjoyed though I DO wish we got a little bit more about Tristan and his past even if not from his POV. I felt a little bit about him was still somehow missing. 

Kat shares her life with her 3 best friends - Nikki, Zoey and Josh. I gotta say I was partial to some of their interactions. I didn't really like Nikki though I goes she knew how to be a good friend when she wanted to. I felt there is something unsolved between Kat and Zoey but I might be mistaken.. She was also a bit unclear to me at times. They were GREAT together and yet they WERE a little bit OTT which I didn't always have patience for. 

Kat and Tristan relationship buildup was a PLEASURE to read, through their own personal frustrations. There was something so easy about the two of them together. I liked that even after realizing what they both want, the relationship still progressed slowly, neither of them pushing where there actually wasn't a reason to push or press, it came quite naturally. 

Yep! Recommended, be prepared for a sweet and sugary romance filled with funny and witty banter. Not what you'd expect to be the outcome of a porn convention ;)

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13-17 February 2018

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