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Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018 Reading List

Happy New Year!!! 🥂

New anything really makes me excited. Maybe the only thing new I don't necessarily get excited about are new books. I don't mean new releases! These I get SUPPER excited about, but books, paper ones, I rather have old ones than new. Their scent and feel is what makes them special. 

This year I have new projects (reading all books published by an author)! Naturally finish reading Amy Lane, Mary Calmes and Emma Jameson (T.Baggins/S.A Reid), but I'm also planning on going through the booklists of Charlie Cochet, Cari Z.Mariana Zapata & Suki Fleet. Planned on most of them to star this month but didn't work out as planned..

So besides my projects I have also 3 (!) new releases this month! Garrett Leigh, Joanna Chambers and Lara Adrian. Pretty excited since they are ALL by authors I absolutely love (and mostly read all of their published work already). 

As usual not sure I'll get to read ALL of them, but I'll do my best. Really excited about all these books, it feel like a new beginning but not really considering I've already know I LOVE all the authors I have picked for this month. 

Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
Total Books: 7
Total Pages: 1154
Pages per day: ~37
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♥ Paranormal Romance 

♥ Contemporary / Historical Romance 

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