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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Claimed in Shadows (Midnight Breed #15) [Aric & Kaya] by Lara Adrian

I've waited SO LONG for this book but now that I'm finished with it I mostly feel disappointed. Somehow I had a hard time connecting to the two MCs. I'm not even sure why. My main issue is actually how much time we spent in each one's head and how repetitive these thoughts were. I was just over it. When I was a little over the half mark I started skimming through those thoughts waiting for the action to FINALLY arrive. It was too little too late. Even the reunion of the founders of the order wasn't enough for me and the main villain in this one was SO obvious I was impatiently waiting for SOMEONE to uncover it and it too took way too long.

So what do we have here? Aric Chase, stops in Montreal to help with a mission against Opus Nostrum. He is assigned with Kaya Laurent a new to the order breed-mate with a special ability which is quite essential to their mission. They have a hard time together at first. They might both be attracted to one another yet Kaya plays warm-cold with Aric and he doesn't know what's her problem, while for Kaya he is too full of himself (to even consider to trust). Yet her true problem is something else entirely. She is hiding a secret. One that as time goes by turns to be more and more problematic and dangerous not only to the order but for her staying with the order.. As they grow closer together Aric tries to make her trust him enough to confess what is bothering her but she is adamant almost to the very end about keeping this secret to herself.   

I was annoyed with Kaya's behavior and how much she kept to herself. She was being stupid really, if she told right from the start it would have solved everything and she would have been in a better position from the start.. Yet she played things differently.. Aric was mostly smitten with her. He was quite a flat character for me. I didn't see a lot of change in him really. If we're not referring to him falling for Kaya.. 

I liked reading of the old team with all the couples I've loved from the very start but sadly they played quite a small part and only near the very end. I would have enjoyed more of them and/or more action with them. 

I'll leave my review here. This book wasn't what I had in mind. I hope the next one won't feel as superficial as this one felt. I needed a more solid couple or rather for each of them to be more substantial somehow. I hope and expect the next one to be better. I truly love this series so I always have high hopes when in comes to Lara's writing.  

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