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Monday, December 25, 2017

Junkyard Heart (Porthkennack #7) [Jas & Kim] by Garrett Leigh

I'm not exactly sure why but I had a hard time connecting with Jas, our sole POV. I think I needed to know more about him to understand WHY he is the way he is. He has such a loving family and yet since he mostly didn't grow up with them he feels a bit disconnected from them and doesn't accept a lot help from them though he knows they WILL be there for him, especially his step mom. 

Jas Manning recently returned to Porthkennack, a small town he mostly spent his summers in. Now he is here for good after his boyfriend betrayed him horribly and left him a broken shell. He works a lot from his home or generally solitary on graphics and photography. It's something else that keeps him not only from his family who wants to connect with him, but from people in general. But when he meets Kim something changes inside of him and he finds himself craving his company while not being sure it's a good idea AT ALL. 

Kim Penrose had a lot of grief in his life. He is dealing with alcohol addiction and while most of the time it's working for him, he has other issues as well. He has many great friends - from the tattoo shop he works in partial time. (We've met all of them in the previous book Garrett wrote in the Porthkennack world - "House of Cards"). Yet being in their "debt" (as he feels) doesn't help how little he thinks of himself. I SO wish we got his POV. I wanted to understand how he is feeling and why. How and when he got addicted and what are the things that breaks him apart (though we get a little bit of that in the very end). He is such a sweet guy with truly a heart of gold. He is amazingly talented not only as a tattoo artist but with carpentry as well (he also works for Jas' family now with a new project of theirs) but inside everything is such a mess. 

Jas and Kim want each other from the start but it's complicated when Kim needs ALL of Jas and Jas is still working on putting his past behind him. Yet being just friends and then trying just friends with benefits only makes things more complicated as they both start to feel for one another which means that even though the main thing was - not hurting Kim by offering him something Jas can't do at the moment - he actually hurts him by offering so very little of what he truly needs. Things are even more complicated with Kim's ex-girlfriend. I wasn't sure where THAT was going but I actually liked the way things turned out (I rather not say more not to spoiler..). I wish that at the very end we've gotten some closure between her and Kim.

I could say more, I actually haven't explained so much about the plot and yet I feel like I'm not going to. The story is not about what's "going on" in Kim and Jas's lives, for me it felt a lot more about THEM and what's going on with them - alone and together which is why I'm focusing on that rather than the "general plot". I feel like I needed this book to be a little bit MORE than what it was, somehow more CLEAR on both characters, who they are, what drives them and A LOT more about their past which shaped them into the men they are today. 

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24 December 2017

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