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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Long Way Home (A Bite-Sized Romance, #2) [Clarey & Ford] by Katy Regnery

A sweet short read. Clarey Calhoun is taking a 36 hours bus from the college she has being going to back home to her best friends' wedding. A she steps on the bus she realizes the only free sit is near the bride's brother who is also her ex's brother, the one who cheated on her. 

Ford McInerney has been in love with Clarey for most of his life but she was his older brother's girl. But now is his chance to talk to her, about what happened, about his feelings and finally take a chance on having her to himself. 

Clarey was very hurt by her ex's behavior but though she hasn't admitted it to herself she was somehow also angry with Ford about it all. Now she is ready to look at what happened with different eyes and at last SEE Ford for who he is and always have been. 

I enjoyed this one. It was very short but it manages to still give us a story. I wish it was more so Clarey's feelings for Ford could feel more genuine to me. It's really fun getting an actual story in such a small amount of time and so few pages. I hope Katy would come up with more like these two (including By Tomorrow which I REALLY enjoyed). 

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11 November 2017

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