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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Morning My Angel (Angel Enterprises #1) by Sue Brown

It's been a while since I've read such a fun and witty Romantic Suspense novel. I LOVED this one. I started it on Saturday, truthfully I was too tired to concentrate on starting a new book, so when I resumed on Tuesday I kept reading until I finished, ignoring the fact my eyes are stinging and there seems to be a faint sound of birds from outside, yeah, it was a little after 4 a.m.! I couldn't and wouldn't put this book down and Tuesday was a bit bleary because of it..

Josh Cooper works at a security agency in the US. He enjoys his job, he's also really got at it, which is why his boss Dominic somehow forgives his obnoxious behavior. He and Landry and Gill Grover - the two twin bodyguards who work with him are SO in-tuned it's almost insane and he even have a boyfriends, well, not really.. It's Charlie, his virtual boyfriend, the one he knows work for the same agency but he hasn't actually met him and Charlie doesn't seem to want to take their relationship to the next level.. He cares for his "Angel" (Josh) but there's a limit to what he can give as it seems (we only get Josh's POV in this one).

Josh and his team are sent to London for a special and rather unexpected mission to locate a person who disappeared 3 weeks ago. This is not their usual job so Josh doesn't understand why he and his team are working on this case, not to mention they're suppose to work with the London team who aren't as forth coming about too many of the details. To make things worse, he is VERY attracted to Cal, one of the operatives they work with. He is conflicted about doing anything with Cal while he truly cares for Charlie even if they haven't even met. You can see where this is going.. Cal has many secrets and though they slowly unravel there is still quite a trump at the end. I REALLY didn't see it coming. 

I enjoyed seeing Josh and Cal getting closer together. It's obvious that Cal is playing a sort of a game here, and Josh feels out of the loop but it still doesn't take him long to fall for Cal. He's a bit too Alpha for my "usual" liking, but somehow I enjoyed him the way he is, especially with how Josh has his own bossy side. There was something truly endearing about these two and how much they were trying to make everything work with all the limitations around them (not saying more not to spoiler.. and there is MUCH to spoiler).

I really enjoyed the side characters in this one, Josh's twin bodyguards, the London team and all those little characters we've met along the road who made this story feel so genuine and also made is so engaging and enjoyable to read. Josh's banter with EVERYONE was SO MUCH FUN! and that without mentioning his hilarious addiction to coffee hehe

I can't say too much about what's going on because everything will be a spoiler basically.. So I'll say that Josh is right, there IS another agenda to why he and his team are sent to London but it's hasn't anything to do with what he considers are the reasons. The book doesn't finish in a cliffhanger but it leaves us in the air nevertheless. Though there IS a feeling of "finished business" on the mission side (though I wish we gotten better explanation to what went on), the romantic side is left barely as a HFN. Maybe that's the way this series suppose to be, building their relationship little by little through the continuation of the next installments. I"m totally fine with it, I would rather have a realistic relationship buildup which takes a few books than get an unrealistic "insta" relationship I find hard to believe - and I DO believe in Cal and Josh working on - in the end.. :)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Off to read the next one.

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4-6 November 2017

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