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Saturday, November 4, 2017

By Tomorrow (A Bite-Sized Romance, #1) [Claire & Jamie] by Katy Regnery

This was the sweetest thing! Claire Higgins and Jamie MacAllister work together in an IT department, Jamie coming from Edinburgh to help out the company with his skills. As time goes by the two of them more than connect. Jamie is all Claire can think of and Jamie is the same only he found himself engaged to be married TOMORROW.

Claire won't say anything because it's not allowed to date co-workers in the company they are working in and she needs her job too much to try and date Jamie and besides, it doesn't matter, she can't compete with his gorgeous fiancee. Jamie wants Claire so much but she made it clear she won't date him. 

Looking into her face in her wedding reception makes it more clear for both of them where this should be going. 

I won't say more because I've already said more than enough. I really enjoyed this short novella it was sweet and endearing, funny and heart warming. I loved Jamie and Claire's interaction. How they saw each other and wished for the best for one another. Loved the way things rapped up as well, seems like they found the best way to work on their HEA. 

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4 November 2017

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