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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Unloved, a love story by Katy Regnery

This book was SUCH a beautiful heart breaking read! I read it literally in one gulp, it was impossible to put down and frankly, why would I?! Cass and Brynn we the sweetest thing together. They both wanted, no, craved for a chance to love, to care, to have a meaningful person in their lives, yet life has brought them so much pain it's not an easy thing to surrender themselves to. For Cass it's MUCH more complicated.. He can't tell her, he won't tell her and by it break both of their hearts. Yet this IS a love story and the ending, the whole rap of the story was quite surprising in the best possible way. 

Brynn Cadogan has lost her fiance 2 years ago. It left her in pieces, not knowing how to put herself back together, how to return to the living while knowing she won't ever see or be with him again. Nearing his would be 30th birthday she decides to make a farewell token for him in the place he loved most - the Katahdin Mountains. Going up the mountain turns into a nightmare when she is brutally attached by a mad man only to be rescued by the mysterious Cassidy who carries her for miles through the mountains into his solitary home. 

Cassidy Porter has lived his live in solitude far more years than he have with society. After his father is found guilty of rape and murder of girls around his truck route Cassidy and his mother do the only thing they can think of - move away from a society that sees the crimes of a father as their own. They find a home with his grandfather in a cabin up in the mountains which basically has almost everything anyone could need to live a quiet peaceful life. Cass being only 8 years old have little to no say on the matter, and through his upbringing with his mother and grandfather he realizes that even if he is his mother's son as well, his father's heritage is not something he can put aside. His father's brutality and violent nature is in him as well and it's only a matter of time until he unleashes it onto the world. His decision, derived from his mother and grandfather's wishes is for him to live here, up the mountain in a solitary life as far away from society as possible so he won't even be tempted to hurt a soul. 

Cass is tormented by a father he can barely remember and crimes he can't conceive with how horrible they are, believing in all his heart that it's truly only a matter of time which is why when he helps Brynn after she is attacked he isn't sure what to do with her. Taking her to the authorities would seen as though he is the one who hurt her, after all, a son of a criminal is more likely to HURT a girl not SAVE her. Leaving her behind would mean her death for sure so he does the only thing he can think of that makes any sense - Taking her home and treating her up until she is well enough to return home. 

Cass and Brynn spend a month together in the cabin. In this time they learn to trust each other but also care for one another and even fall in love. The cabin is totally isolated from modern life which makes their connection so much deeper. There are no distractions. It's only them, one goat, a rooster and 6 chickens. Brynn learns to love it there, the peacefulness, the beautiful mountains around her and mostly Cass by her side. Cass LOVED having Brynn in his cabin. She might have come as a "patient" someone to care for until she gets better, yet very quickly he falls for her sweet charm not knowing what would happen the day she return home leaving him alone again in his cabin with nothing but memories of what COULD have been if he wasn't his father's son. 

Brynn want SO MUCH MORE than Cass is offering. She sees the interest, the desire in his eyes but even a talk about anything slightly permanent between them pushes him far away from her. She sees a good man, one who saved her life countless times, a man who gives while asking for nothing in return, a man who cares and knows how to show it in the simplest ways. She doesn't understand WHY he is living this life. WHY he won't accept a truth that is obvious for both of them - they are falling for each other. She is willing to make changes, she is willing to make this relationship work but Cass is determined that anything they share needs to be over once she is healthy enough to be driven back to the small town bellow. 

The day Brynn DOES return to society learning the truth of what happened verses what she thought happened confuses her at first, but it also gives her an unthinkable explanation for EVERYTHING. I loved the way Brynn untangled it all with a determination that made it possible to get a beautiful closure to the story. Truthfully, I would have never guessed ANY of it. Brought us full circle. 

I can say SO MUCH MORE about this book, but I rather not. It's better if you grab it yourself and lose yourself in the beautiful Katahdin mountains and fall in love with Cass and Brynn.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Though I'm still clutching "Ginger Heart" to me as my absolute favorite of Katy's books, this one comes as a close second. 

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is out TODAY 8 October 2017 - Grab it now through the links below.

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