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Friday, October 27, 2017

The Guardian by Mary Calmes

Though I enjoyed this book it was  a bit too tangled for my liking. It felt rushed at times, disorganized and the relationship buildup was on the verge of insta-love. Yet the story was fun and engaging and I was interested to see how Jude and Eoin would find a way to build a life together. 

Jude Shea had a good life, a job he enjoyed, a gorgeous boyfriend he hopes to build a future together with when he finds himself with no boyfriend and no job in one night. For the past two weeks he isn't sure what to do with himself and then comes a restless night he goes for a walk and stumbles upon a huge dog mauled by a group of stray dogs. Not sure what drew him to the situation he takes the dog to the vet and makes him his own. "Joe" doesn't look or behave like a regular dog but for Jude he's a companion he enjoys having even though his life is so uncertain at the moment.

"Joe" isn't a dog, he is Eoin Thral - a guardian from another dimension. While in THIS world he is a dog in his home he is considered a very competent fighter and the guardian of a powerful Baroness. He was running from trouble when he came through the portal and he couldn't have been more surprised to find his true mate there. Now that he has found him he needs to find a way to make Jude cross to his own world so he can see him in his human form and they could bond. 

Once in Eoin's world things get a bit confusing for Jude but he is determined to find a way for them to be together, and Eoin feels the same way. They connect extremely well, extremely fast. Yet there is a plot they need to deal with first before they make plans for their future... 

I DID enjoy this book, I enjoyed getting both Eoin and Jude's POV, thing is we got A LOT of POVs and they were changing even in the same paragraph it was a bit confusing! I have never read a book structured like this before. I would have rather have a book told from the authors' POV and not singular POVs of the characters when we get so many of them! My other problem was how perfect Jude was. He was SO handsome though he never realized it, he has so many people interested in him, he is amazing at his job, and though he SEEMS lonely he actually does have close friends and family who support him. He had it ALL except for a permanent partner. Though Eoin came from a different world all together he managed TOO WELL almost, and Jude got too well with everyone at Eoin's dimension it was a bit too much to ask for "us" readers to believe. This book felt as if it was maybe "half cooked", too many little things needed to be addressed in a better way... 

I know what to expect from Mary since I've read quite a lot of  books by her, and though there were details that reminded me I am reading HER book, it truly feels as one of her first novels (maybe the first PNR?). It was a nice read for sure, very fluent and fun but the perfect characters and the switching of POVs made it less than what it could have been. Also the amount of sex was WAY too much even if many of the scenes weren't detailed...

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26-27 October 2017

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