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Monday, October 30, 2017

Hammer & Air by Amy Lane

I didn't have patience for this one at all. The language was strange so it was difficult to read at times, our MC Eirn tells us his and his best friend Graeme story. Their lives was pretty horrible even if he just told it "as is" (I guess because that was just life for them). 

Eirn's thoughts are consumed by Graeme or as nicknamed - "Hammer", mostly on the sexual side. Up till where I got (25%) it was about 90% sex thoughts or acts with A LOT of possessiveness from Hammer's side.  This one feels more like an Erotica (PNR?) novel. I"m not even sure how old they are because as Eirn tells it, he runs a bit from past to present and he sounds a bit "childish" to me. 

I actually don't know if there is a Paranormal element to this story, it feels more like "Historical" novel of two "kids" trying to survive in an unjust reality. The whole vibe of the story felt so sad to me. 

Truthfully, as time goes by my patience for Erotica drains. I want a good story, I want a relationship buildup, romance and characters I can relate to. With Erotica though all of these elements CAN be included in the story, they take second place to the sex. Here, though all the elements I mentioned ARE there, the issue of sex, and the possessiveness they take just doesn't appeal to me. 

I have one more thing to say. Though I haven't got to this place in the novella, there WILL be a Menage somewhere in the future. Eirn even hints at it at the beginning. I saw many reviews complaining they didn't know about it and when they got there were extremely annoyed that they were "fooled". I don't mind Menage in general but with the fact that sex takes so much space up until this point I feel reluctant myself to keep on reading knowing where this is going (probably a sex-fest..). 

I guess if you're into Erotica and Menage you're going to enjoy this one. I'm partial to the two of them most of the time so yeah... not for me.  

I feel like the obvious question being asked is why did I even read it. The answer is clear to me - It's written by Amy and I LOVE her books even if some aren't what I usually enjoy. Thing is, I don't like to try out new genres by authors I don't know... I rather try it with someone I trust, and I DO trust Amy. But we can't all love everything and though this wasn't for me, it means nothing besides that is wasn't for me personally. I will continue trying books that might not me my regular "go to" and I'll sure continue reading Amy's fabulous books. 

★ DNF 25%
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29 October 2017

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