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Monday, October 23, 2017

A Dangerous Invitation (The Rookery Rogues, #1) [Kate & Daniel] by Erica Monroe

I don't read many Historicals which is why starting is always a sort of a struggle to get used to the archaic language. With this one it was no different and yet as the story progressed I realized I'm having a hard time mainly because I'm not interested enough in the MCs. After reading about a third I decided I'm not invested enough in the story and the difficult language was not making it any better..

Kate Morgan's life changed in a blink of an eye. She was wealthy, the daughter of a successful merchant. She and her father were a team, working together and having each other's backs since she was a little girl when her mother left them. She fell in love with Daniel O'Reilly who also worked for her father. They were already engaged to be married when all hell broke loose. Daniel was charged with murder of another worker, from there the business crumbled, her father's health deteriorated until he died and she was left with nothing except for her father's great coat and handgun. To take care of herself she needed to learn a trade - thieving. But she has made it work for the past three years since Daniel escaped from prison before his trial. 

After three years living with his sister, Daniel is back in London to clear his name and mostly to get the love of his life back. It's not easy but with Kate's help and his best friend he believes it's possible. Too bad Kate is so reluctant to trust him in any sort of way.. 

The story is told from both Kate and Daniel's POV. Daniel had a lot to deal with as well. He isn't the perfect guy, he deals with alcohol addiction and the consequences of his actions not only to Kate but to his little sister. Inside I could see he is a good guy but he was also quite lost back then, 3 years ago, even if things SEEMED perfect for him. I liked him actually. Kate on the other hand I was getting tired of. The passive aggressive was too dominant in her behavior. I could see why she would rather be alone than trust in Daniel again, but her behavior towards him was too overly emotional or rather aggressive even when he was just trying to help her or do the right thing. I couldn't stand hearing her say one more time that she can care for herself and she would shoot anyone getting in her way. As Daniel's best friend wisely said - She has no skill in hand to hand combat so her handgun is a nice add but it's not the ultimate solution to any given problem.. She was a combination of naive and overconfident somehow, I don't really know.

When I got to right around 37% I realized I'm not interested enough in the mystery and actually the romance part isn't that appealing considering my general annoyance of Kate which is why I decided to let this one go. The pace was okay I guess, maybe a bit slow with a lot of emphasis on the surrounding and side characters - which confused me truthfully, couldn't remember who is who or if we've heard of them before. 

This just wasn't my kind of book. It's a personal opinion naturally. I'd say if you're not into Historical - pass, if you are maybe give it a shot. Beware that unlike a lot of Historicals this one doesn't portray the high class of the rich who can get away with right around anything - but with the poor and unfortunate. Those who need to break the law to survive the night. 

I bought the first three books in the series in this bundle but since I've only read (a part of) the first one I'm just mentioning there IS a bundle if you're interested in that. 


DNF 37%
Read on:
17-22 October 2017

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