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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Heart of the Race by Mary Calmes

This short novella was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It was getting a WHOLE story in a rather short novella, it's not something that works out usually but somehow in this one it totally did. I LOVED both MCs (though we only get Brian's POV) and was excited to see how their love story unfold. 

Brian Christie is adopted by Varro Dacien's family making the two of them best friends. As they get older things change for Brian when he realizes he is falling for Varro and since he can't bear to admit his feeling to him when it's finally time to spread his winds and go to college he starts putting distance (physical and emotional) between him and Varro. He can barely see him let alone touch him in an innocent hug and so he rather stay away even when Varro's life gets more and more dangerous and Brian gets frustrated with the whole thing. Varro says he needs him but Brian needs so much more from him. 

Brian also needs a home, stability, while Varro needs the speed and excitement of the race and mostly lives his life like a nomad. So the question is, how can they bridge the gap between each other, and not to mention how and when will Varro realize that he wants the same thing Brian have always wanted and never allowed himself to even ask. 

I"m not going to say more because I don't want to spoiler anything. It's a short novella, so instead of over-thinking it - grab it and read it! It's GREAT! For me it had it all. I loved how it progressed and the confusing dynamics between the two made the best of sense even when it was frustrating for me to read. I loved the ending as well even if I would have rather gotten a bit more, but I think it's just the greediness in me. It was beautiful just the way it was. 

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30 Aug 2017

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