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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Gauntlet (Cassandra Palmer 0.5) [Gillian & Kit] by Karen Chance

I enjoyed this short interlude into Cassandra Palmer's world though neither of the MCs in this one is in fact Cassandra. This short novella is told from the alternative POVs of Gillian Urswick - a witch, captured by the black circle who wish to eliminate the witches in general and Chris "Kit" Marlowe who is a vampire tasked with finding someone to help him uncover a certain plot against the queen. Gillian will certainly do but first he has to make her see she can trust him and then they have to find a way to escape which very quickly becomes almost impossible. 

I gotta say though though this short novella was VERY engaging and an interesting read in general, I WAS a little bit overwhelmed with the details of the world, the situation with the witches mostly, the way magic operates in this world and also what Kit needed Gillian for. The world certainly sounds very solid and interesting. There's witches and mages, there's vampires and surprisingly enough the story takes place in England. Can't wait to get to the REAL story and see what Karen Chance created. 

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