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Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Bohemian and the Businessman (The Story Sisters #1) [Priscilla & Shane] by Katy Regnery

I gotta say each book I read by Katy makes me love her even more. I LOVED the previous sub-series "The Rousseaus" each book was a JOY to read with the last one being my favorite, this one was the same and yet better - something new and yet familiar and loved. Can't get enough of the Blueberry Lane series and Katy, mostly Katy.

The timeline of this one takes place 2 years before the "current time". It's the same timeline as "Crazy About Cameron" (from the Winslow Brothers) in which Margaret Story (Priscilla's sister) finds her HEA with Cameron Winslow. But if you haven't read it, or if you haven't read ANY of the books in the bigger "Blueberry Lane" series it doesn't matter because besides getting a little bit more about the Story sisters, and one scene that was "replayed" from a different angle nothing here is a spoiler. It's something really nice about the series, you can start wherever you want to and it doesn't really matter, though if you start in one sub-series I do think it makes more sense to start with the first one that introduces the siblings. Also it's a good way to avoid minor spoilers. 

There are 5 very different sisters in the Story family, raised by a "proper" mother (who since passed away) and a very chauvinistic and demeaning father very much in the picture. Douglas Story runs "Story Imports" and though 3 of the 5 worked there, it's obvious their father's general views of women made it hard for them to be appreciated for who they and their unique abilities. It's no wonder Margaret recently found a different interest to pursue and Alice opened a similar (competitive) business of her own. Priscilla worked a little at the company but she is the kind of wildflower who never intended to stay anyway. But it was a nice summer in which she got to know the "uptight" Shane Olson, her father's right hand and a guy she LOVED to tease. 

The thing that brings this book and "Crazy About Cameron" together happens in the very beginning of both - Shane asking Margaret to marry him and getting a very strict NO for an answer. It wasn't that they loved each other, in Shane's eyes they "matched", and since Douglas Story would NEVER promote a woman to a position of power he suggests to Shane he should date (and later on mary) Margaret. Shane had in mind what and how he wants his life to be from an early age so though he wasn't even that attracted to Margaret he thought that together they could make the company better, and he could give her what her father never will. So a marriage of convenience for sure, but one with friendship and respect. As Priscilla's says, he failed to see something very important about her sister - Margaret is a romantic at heart and what he offered her had ZERO appeal to her. 

Yet what Shane offered Margaret had 100% appeal to Priscilla who is in a VERY tight spot.. She needed a husband, or rather she needed to be married one year in order to get her trust fund money so she can take care of herself and the baby growing inside of her and so marrying Shane seems the BEST solution to both of their problems even if it makes ZERO sense in who they are.. As the title reads - The Bohemian - Priscilla who is full of life, adventures, art and fun and The Businessman - Shane who has a very strict and obvious plan for his future and it apparently consists of him having a better position at "Story Imports" before he is able to move on. 

Priscilla's offer for Shane isn't what he expected and he IS worried it won't work with their differences but mostly he doesn't know what to do with how much she affects him. Everything about her speaks to him in a way that really shouldn't. It's more than a basic desire, it's something about who she is and how open and lively that makes her charms irresistible to him. Priscilla was always attracted to the uptight Shane. She enjoyed teasing him exactly because of that and always wondered how he would look "unwinded". Yet what makes Priscilla fall for him, isn't that at all, it's how sweet and caring he is. I totally saw the appeal there, Shane is a dream of a guy really. All she needed was someone to truly love and care for her, see her for who she is and love her for it and not criticize her, and though they go through mutual accusations they both said the truth at the time and apologized for the delivery of it. Though through those accusations both were able to rethink their life choices and grow (up). 

I was half in love with Shane myself and I SO enjoyed Priscilla's care free ways and yet the fact she herself is such a sweet girl without a mean bone in her body. She might be "different" from others, but she just wanted to belong and accepted the way she is. In a way Shane was the same coming from a poor background and never truly finding himself with "old money". Their intimacy and the way it progressed was BEAUTIFUL to read. They had many bumps along the way, they needed to get to know each other and trust each other and these things take time, more time than they really have considering her belly will be showing soon and she doesn't want anyone to realize the bargain she and Shane struck. She wants everything to look real and soon enough it becomes more real than either of them expected. 

Both Priscilla and Shane put up a face that isn't who they actually are. Priscilla might look carefree and in a way she is! and yet she had a very difficult and very cold up bringing. Her decision to leave her home and travel the world was mostly because she couldn't stay there with the horrible memories, she wanted to get away and in order to heal she needed to stay away. She only returned now because she was lost and needed a way to solve her immediate situation with her pregnancy (or rather lack of funds to care for the baby since the father was only going to pay for an abortion..). We get a little bit of her past and I was heart broken for her. Truly.  Shane grew up in a place he couldn't see himself getting away from which is why when he was 10 years old he made a plan to seize the world. He made most of what he planned come true but it cost him. He's such a sweet and caring guy and with the wealthy barracudas who knows how to play the game MUCH better than him it's not easy (which is why and how he got hurt). His plan is above everything. Surely above love because he never actually experienced it before. But when he falls for Priscilla he soon realizes that his priorities needs to change because what he has with her is far more important than the plan he made so many years ago when he didn't know any better. It's not that he lost his drive, it just changed a little, as was with Priscilla's view of her lack of plans and inability to stay in one place and set roots. 

Priscilla and Shane's first sex scene was enchanting and beautiful. It was tender and caring and hot all together. It was intimate and loving and just perfect in any sense. A lot of things were said before-during-after that made it so special but I can't say any of those not to spoiler. 

I have to admit that generally the turf of "surprise baby" isn't my thing.. as BABIES aren't my things and I think generally they don't belong in romance novels because they take away too much of the romance and relationship build up of the couple yet in this one it made perfect sense and worked in the best way. It didn't overpower the way Shane and Priscilla got together, it didn't affect them as a couple (much) and it somehow just worked! Truly Katy's ways are mysterious hehe

The way this book was concluded was perfect. Shane was put in a very uncomfortable position by Douglas Story too many times and Shane had to find his way around this man in order for him to get the promotion he wants but also, the woman he loves and respects, a woman who gets disrespected by her father on a daily basis -it makes Shane more than cringe. Also regarding Kaitlyn's biological father there was a resolve I very much enjoyed! GO Shane but mostly GO Priscilla! 

A beautiful sensitive sweet and endearing love story. Priscilla finding her HEA with Shane was everything I wished it to be. The interaction between the sisters was very interesting, there is much under the surface because of the way they were brought up. Really can't wait for June when with Alice's story. We get a snippet of who's it going to be and I can't wait to see the cold Alice warm up :) 

I know this review is a mile long and I apologize.. It was just such a sweet ride, I read it mostly yesterday until I was too sleepy to continue (don't you hate when that happens?), then woke up and finished with my morning coffee (who got forgotten and cold at some point..). This book was SO different from the previous book I've read (which was dark and kinky) and I guess this is more my "go to" read, where I'm more comfortable, so though I enjoy sometimes to get out of my comfort zone and "wild up" a little, there is something about a tender sweet story that wins me over much more. 

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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