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Monday, April 3, 2017

Once Upon a Rose (La Vie en Roses #1) [Matt & Layla] by Laura Florand

I don't like this book. Usually I give a better chance to books I feel aren't going where I want them to, but with this one I just can't and it even annoys me more because I got this book from a 'book friend' who thought I'd love it. Not to mention the first chapter ends with a mention of a Great Dane but it all ended for me right after that epic paragraph.. (starting Chapter 2).

I LOVED the way the land was described, the way Layla is lost in a field of roses. She was lost, she was confused, she was looking for something different in her life and though I had a hard time following what's exactly her issue is, being surrounded by this beautiful view which smells of roses SURELY has to be the solution. 

Enter drunk Matt... THIS was the beginning of the end for me. People get drunk all the time, and I NEVER find it to be sweet or endearing. It was DISGUSTING. I get why he was embarrassed the day after because GOD it was simply HORRIBLE, and getting his DRUNK POV for a chapter that felt ENDLESS was EXHAUSTING for me. Not to mention he was constantly introducing us to his multiple cousins and other family members. I wasn't interested and I was confused and it was a bit of a hot mess. I STRUGGLED to finish the chapter.

The next chapter was from Layla's POV which was much better, though what followed is us getting acquainted with the terrain. The field of roses, what they are for, what they are doing now (harvesting), who are the people who work the fields etc all with side remarks about Matt being actually quite sweet and also single. Again, I was bored and uninterested. Where is the STORY? Yeah, we only just begun, I understand and I DID read just recently a "slow burn" book, and yet it was so interesting getting to know the dynamics and relationship between the characters there. Here in 10% of the story I actually read we've met shallowly at least 10 new characters, one overly drunk then grumpy MC and another who is amused by someone who is half man-handling her even though she doesn't know who she is. 

This book just stopped appealing to me. I don't like drunks. I don't like a slow moving books, and I don't like books that introduce too many characters right at the beginning. 

I'm sorry. I'm sure this book would work for anyone who hasn't a clear dislike of drunks (some find them entertaining, I swear!) or people that love getting a clear view of the surrounding. This small valley sounds PERFECT in every sense. I wish I would have more tolerance to keep on going and see what happened next in this novel, but after re-reading the synopsis I realize this one probably isn't for me. It might be for you though. I'm just being over-picky and yeah, maybe a little stuck-up... sorry.  


DNF 10%
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