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Friday, April 14, 2017

Dark Soul, Volume III by Aleksandr Voinov

What can I say about the final installment.. It was as good as the previous ones were which means - AMAZING and impossible to put aside and in a way bittersweet because decisions had to be made.  
It brought Stefano into a very difficult situation with the authorities, and one particular vicious man - Sebastiano Beccaria who is actually Franco and Silvio's older brother. He might be on the different side of the law but he is a killer in his own way and getting his view totally showed that. 

This part starts with Stefano in a very confused state. He wants Donata but he's scared of telling her the truth about Silvio and he naturally wants Silvio but he knows he can't offer him much than being his secret. He wants Silvio to belong but the only way he can is in their own suite at a hotel while Donata is at home waiting for her husband to find his courage and admit the truth (even if it's not what she was expecting..). Donata is truly an inspiring woman. I LOVED her character, her determination, her strength. She showed that beautifully throughout this installment. She loves Stefano for who he is and is willing to accept him but more than that - fight for him when needed. 

Stefano's relationship with his wife and now lover is even more at risk with his organization in a treat not only from the police but also from his second in command who is willing to pay Silvio A LOT of money to get rid of him. Silvio might find it hard to commit (as Stefano phrased it) but he knows where his loyalties are. Now that the Russians are gone he is staying with Stefano because that's what he wants and craves and though he doesn't believe he'll find a place by Stefano's side I guess maybe he does yearn for it enough to stay yet what Beccaria is offering Stefano (and Donata) might suit THEM, it won't be the life Silvio would ever want.. So again, hard decisions, ones that might cost Stefano's his life.

The sex is hot and kinky as with the previous ones, but again, we get another angle which shows how things MIGHT work. There's more to life than sex after all.. As expected from Aleksandr, the ending is more like a hope for the future rather than a typical HFN/HEA you'd expect from a romance novel, yet this wasn't really one from the start but it still somehow is. There ARE feeling between Stefano and Silvio, there is surely love between Donata and Stefano but can Stefano find a way to keep both? 

Be open minded, start from the first, you won't regret it :)

This book is part III out of III. All reviews are under the "Dark Soul" label. 

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