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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dark Soul, Volume II by Aleksandr Voinov

I don't even know where to start. As with the first one, this part was impossible to put down, even more so now that I know both Silvio and Stefano. There is something about the pace of this story, or how it keeps you on edge, not only on what would happen between these two men, but also the Russian mafia and the way they decide to deal with them. 

This part started with an unknown POV. It threw me RIGHT into the game, I guessed what it was about (naturally, it wasn't that difficult) but getting the scene and what happened this way felt so unique and captivating. We continued with Stefano's POV and then with Silvio's brother Franco and oddly enough we didn't get Silvio's POV though he was evident even when he wasn't there. It's like Stefano says - Silvio leaves some residue behind everywhere he goes, and as Franco says, Silvio changes everything he touches which is also true. Stefano's craving for Silvio leaves him in a way vulnerable which leads to the way this part ended with a sort of a question mark concerning Donata - Stefano's wife. After all, succumbing to his attraction to Silvio means cheating on her and he loves her dearly and can't see himself without her.

Getting Franco's POV was more than captivating, he's SUCH an interesting and complicated guy. He has a strange relationship with Silvio (to say the least...) and it's obvious he isn't sure what to do with the impact Silvio has on him. He needs him, he doesn't want him, he wants him and he doesn't think he can give him what he wants. He is broken in a way Silvio isn't, even though Silvio has his own dark past (some they shared as kids). I really how Aleksandr decides to write a book about him. 

In this installment the Russians PAY for what they did to Stefano that's for sure, but Stefano's problems aren't over. He has a problem with his second in command wanting more power (probably to be dealt with in the final installment) and he still isn't sure about Silvio's place and where Silvio actually WANTS to be. 

This book is as kinky as the previous one though it delves into another different territory.. and since Stefano acts upon his interest it also means he cheats on his wife.. I can't say it's something I am okay with in books (or real life) but somehow because of the mob setting I accepted it in a way I wouldn't in any other case. 

This book is part II out of III. All reviews are under the "Dark Soul" label. 

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