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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dark Soul, Volume I by Aleksandr Voinov

This is NOT a light read before bed, and I'm saying that because I had nightmares about the mob last night... Glad that I don't actually remember anything but the strange and mostly frightening vibe.. I knew this book (in three parts) was dark and not only because of the name, I also saw there isn't a clear tag to the genre which fits Aleksandr. He doesn't do ordinary, or "mainstream". I don't think I would have read and enjoyed this book if it wasn't written by him. I was uncomfortable and unsure about this the whole time I was reading it, yet I couldn't put it down. It was mesmerizing in an almost intimate and kinky way. Not sure how to explain it really.

This first two chapters in this one is told from Stefano Marino's POV. He is a young mob boss trying to establish himself. He is happily married and being a part of the mob he doesn't really know what to do with his sudden extreme reaction to Silvio “the Barracuda” Spadaro, a young enforcer of one of the "big bosses" who retired a few years back (though he is still in the game at times which is how Stefano meets Silvio). 

Stefano is sure of himself, but he is confused by his attraction because he knows acting upon it in this "business" isn't a good idea and is more than frowned upon. Yet Silvio keeps taunting him and flirting with him which leads Stefano to an act he isn't sure later how to explain to himself. It seems Silvio is VERY aroused by pain and he was aroused himself by inflicting it. He knew he enjoyed being "in charge" and a bit forceful but not like that and Silvio's trust or lack of fear I should say was something he wasn't expecting. 

The plot continues with Stefano going to Silvio's boss for help in an issue he has with Russian mob trying to take his territory. He rather go to someone who isn't interested in taking a part of his turf like the established (and mostly retired) Gianbattista Falchi, and yet what he finds in his home, the relationship between the mob boss and his enforcer is something he was and yet wasn't expecting to find. But when Battista sends Silvio back with Stefano to help him settle his "Russian Problem" things get out of hand very quickly. Stefano has to "man up" and oddly enough Silvio shows a rather surprising tender side. 

I'm saying a lot here yet I hope I"m not saying enough to spoiler. Both Silvio and Stefano's POVs were captivating. This is not my usual read. It's quite heavy on the BDSM, violence and torture with a dubious romantic story I'm not sure how would proceed. Yet I really can't wait to start reading the next one and see what happens with Stefano and Silvio. There is much more to Silvio than meets the eye, that's for sure. 

This book is part I out of III. All reviews are under the "Dark Soul" label. 

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