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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Creature Feature - Landslide + Frank & Cael ficlet by Mary Calmes

This Anthology contains two short novellas, I just read "Landslide" (the second one) by Mary Calmes 
[I might get back to "Diagnosis: Wolf" by Poppy Dennison one day ]

This was literally a WHOLE story condensed into a novella. It had everything from romance to mystery with a murder to be solved, a family drama with an added bonus of life, occupation and friends in a very well designed Paranormal world. WOW. The only reason I'm not giving this superb novella 5 full stars is it was a little bit too crowded with details, some I'm not even sure why we got, though every last detail DID help make this book very real feeling (can't say genuine with all the vampires, werewolves, shifers and demons walking around..).

Frank has the special ability to avoid being magically charmed which makes him an excellent "courier" for supernatural being needing to move around objects and documents while not getting mixed up with other species. Read it you'll see what they mean by that.. Frank being ex-Marine also helps.. he can surely handle himself. A year into the job he meets Cael, a succubus demon professing he, Frank, is actually his Mate. Frank doesn't really know what to do with this strange knowledge so he humors Cael mostly, but he doesn't accept anything that isn't work related from him (and he's being adamant about it for more than 3 years now). He feels he can't really trust Cael and not only because he is a demon.. but deep inside he knows Cael more than he cares to admit and he DOES have a sweet corner in his heart for him (even if he isn't willing to succumb to him no matter what). They were so damn sweet together! Mostly when arguing but when they finally got closer it was even sweeter. I was also Laughing Out Loud with how Cael understood and yet didn't understand at all humanity. 

When Frank comes to ask Cael a favor, trying to help his sister who was bitten by a were-wolf things starts to change. They mostly change because it meant they spend a lot of time together, seeing different sides of one another, and also Frank wasn't able to disguise both his interest as well as his life situation and past which made it even more clear why it's so hard for him to trust Cael. 

As I mentioned there's family drama with Frank's sister, but not only that, also a little bit with Frank since he isn't really accepted by his family. There's a murder case Frank's sister stumbles upon and yeah, there's the getting bitten by a were-wolf to be dealt with. So A LOT is going on in this short novella that I simply didn't want to put it down. FUN FUN FUN but also sweet and endearing. Truthfully it had it all. I'm not sure what I think, if this should have been a full length novel with all the world building we got, or if what we DID get was a full story as it is so why add more when it's not needed? 

I LOVED IT! and I highly recommend you try it out as well. 

☺   ♥   ☺   ♥   ☺

I'm adding to this review the small free ficlet of Frank and Cael Birthday Mary published (read it HERE). It was the sweetest thing EVER! Loved it as well! We got a little bit more about "Charming", a werewolf we got to know before. I enjoyed his character then and in this small snippet as well. I wish Mary would write HIS story. But anyhow the little we got of Frank thinking of a present for Cael's "birthday" was endearing as only these two can. 

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