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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Immortal by Amy Lane

I'm confused.. This book was captivating in SUCH a strange way and then came the ending and frankly I don't even know how to react. I feel like quoting the kid from The Princess Bride "Jesus granda, what did you read me this thing for?". So yeah, I enjoyed this book though it's hard for me to say what made it so special. It was difficult to read, not because it wasn't interested - IT WAS! It just had the most strange language I'm surprised I even understood what anyone were saying! It was like a sort of Irish slang maybe? Yet as the story progressed I was more and more sure of my "footing" and actually got exactly what they were saying. It made sense, everything started to make more sense as the story came together, the ending finally explaining the strange magic of this world. I expected something totally different and was surprised that in the end it was simply a love story, one with a lot of pain and so much loss, of anger and frustration when dealing with pure evil yet unwilling to truly succumb to it for love should conquers all. 

The whole story is told from Teyth's POV. We start when he is 10 years old, badly abused by his step-father only to be sold to the town's blacksmith. Teyth expected the worst, but actually Cairsten is a sweet man, who cares for him like a true father. Cairsten's apprentice Diarmuid stikes Teyth's interest yet it takes years for them to act upon their mutual interest. It started innocent of course, but as the years went by, Teyth grows old enough to pursue his true interest in Diarmuid. Diarmuid on his side has loved Teyth from the start but it took him years to develop attraction and even when he did he waited not wanting Teyth to chose him for the wrong reasons. In the end they loved each other SO dearly it was sweet and heart breaking to watch them together but mostly apart, tyring to build a future together in the uncertainty of the world they live in. 

Though life at the blacksmith is perfect for the three of them together, the Prince who lives in the tower near the village keeps tormenting them, "testing" their resolve again and again. Teyth with the misery he endured in life, and the misery the Prince inflicted upon him turns unto himself, into art work in the smithy, forgetting his lover and mostly forgetting himself. Burying himself in grief and a sort of obsession to please the demons inside of him. Diarmuid needs to find a way not only to Teyth's broken heart but also to save the village from the Prince who's done too many things to hurt the people he cares about. 

It was a haunting story, difficult to read because of the cruelty and yet I found it hard to put this book aside. I wanted to KNOW what the magic of the forest means, I wanted to KNOW what were these things Teyth created for the village, I wanted to see Teyth and Diarmuid finding their HEA and mostly I wanted to witness the Prince's tower crumble to the ground with him in it, but even though I GOT the answers to all of my questions, there weren't the answers I WANTED to get. I don't know what I feel about the ending, it was fitting, it was a good ending but it was also crushing and heart breaking and I was ANNOYED to see so much work simply RUINED, and yet as I kept on reading the last chapter through my annoyance and in the end I could feel the solace, the rightfulness of the whole thing even if it's NOT what I would have wanted. 

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