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Friday, March 31, 2017

Gambling Men by Amy Lane

Took me a lot while to actually start reading this book. I scheduled and re-scheduled it A LOT, preferring so many other books than to give this one a (fair) shot. Thing is, a while back I've read a short novella of the MCs - Quent and Jace in "Raising the Stakes" - and I didn't like it. Granted it was VERY short and so difficult to understand the dynamics of the couple in a way a full novel can which is why I had a VERY pleasant surprise with this one. I really enjoyed it. Quent and Jace were sweet and endearing together. I liked seeing their relationship turn into a commitment, and their love changing into something so much MORE than either of them experienced and believe they could have gotten together. 

Quent and Jace know each other for years, they went to college together, lived together back then, later on after they graduated built a company together and only a few years later Jace decided to move out. They spend each day together, working, eating, working out, playing Squash and naturally - Playing Poker with their friends who mostly lose to the VERY competitive Jace. For Jace Poker is life. Yet with everything they shared, they still wanted more from one another and only a slight blush on Quent's cheeks finally convinced Jace to make his move. They've been inseparable ever since. 

Yet though it's obvious they won't be letting each other go, it's still a little bit of a struggle, mostly for Jace to realize what this relationship means to him, what Quent means to him. The story is told from both of their POVs which showed us exactly WHO they are, why and how they love each other, their insecurities and the love they share for one another. It was so beautiful seeing these two tough men surrender their love to one another, make one gesture after another to make sure they are going to keep the man they loved for so many years but never tried (before) to capture. For Quent, Jace was the only man for him since his interest was always in women. Yet his attraction and care for Jace have kept him from actually committing to anyone. He kept hoping Jace would one day look at him in a way that suggests he wants more. Jace have always been Bi, and yet he wasn't interested in anything but casual, and that's actually because he could only see himself with Quent. 

The banter between Quent and Jace was fun and mostly engaging, but at a certain point I WAS a bit tired of all the Poker references. I understand that since THIS is the main way Jace looks at life, it's the only way for Quent to keep playing the game, who isn't a game anymore, called "loving each other". I really enjoyed the interactions between the guys and their employers as well as their Poker friends, I loved seeing that, and got why it was so important to Quent to keep these relationships and not just focus on themselves as Jace wanted (keeping Quent to himself). Quent and Jace's other currency was sex. So be prepared for A LOT of it throughout the book. For me it was a bit too much at times. I would have rather seen them together in a more mundane situation than another sex scene. 

All in all I really enjoyed this one. Yeah, I'm surprised considering my review of the short novella. But that's the thing! Coming to know both Quent and Jace made me fall in love with the two of them as a couple. The best friends to lovers. Two people who know each other as no one else ever did or does and is able to give one another the exact thing they want the most (if they realize it or not). That's the best kind love as I see it, first and foremost being best friends, seeing and knowing each other like no one else does and then the next step only umps it all up. 

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