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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Steamroller by Mary Calmes

This was a short sweet novella, I enjoyed both MC - Vincent Wade (our sole POV) and Carson Cress, yet at times I wasn't sure I'm TOTALLY liking their dynamics. As the name suggests, Carson comes at Vincent like a steamroller, not giving him a chance to really consider saying no. For me he was a bit TOO pushy, and yet he WAS sweet, and he went after what he wanted even though it would have unknown (probably negative) consequences.. Being a star quarterback is one thing, being a GAY one is totally a different story. Yet Carson have been wanting Vincent for the past year and he is NOT letting him go now. 

Vincent is just a simply guy really but he has big dreams. While he is working in a copy shop, he studies to be a botanic promising to end world hunger with a new plant he'll invent. He is smart, and jocks were never on his radar, especially not someone like Carson. He learnt in high school what it means to be gay, and who were the ones to torment him the most - jocks.. not only stupid but also mean.. Yet Carson isn't like that AT ALL and with his attraction to him it becomes clear he is unable to actually say no, he really doesn't want to. 

I loved Vincent's character, though he went through a lot in life, or maybe because of it, he knows what he wants and he isn't afraid to say it. He OWNS it. I LOVED that about him. He wasn't this nice guy everybody adores, no, he was the opposite in a way. Carson was everything Vincent WOULDN'T expect from a jock, also a rich jock.. But it's a nice surprise all the way. 

My REAL problem with the story (besides how pushy Carson was) was the OTT insta-love. While Carson WAS into Vincent for more than a year, he still didn't really know him, and Vincent didn't know Carson AT ALL. So how could they form a relationship and plan a future together with so little between them? It was a bigger leap of faith than I could handle. 

Really sweet novella, very enjoyable. The characters were interesting and diverse even though they were all those silly college guys. There was a lot going on, things to do, people to entertain, too many side characters you'd think for a short novella and yet it all worked beautifully in giving a real FEEL to who Vincent is and how he handles his life. I won't say more about the plot not to spoiler, after all it is fairly short. Just grab it and enjoy a little bit of "surprise love". 

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