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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Perilous by Cari Z.

How to explain this novella.. I'm really not sure. I did enjoy it, liked both MC (we only get one POV - Tom's) and yet something about the pace, the way it was constructed left too many "holes" as to how Christopher and Tom built their relationship. There was too much of "ship-talk" I didn't really understand and so somehow alienated me from the general plot, and yet at some point (the third part) the story becomes about THEM in such a heart crushing way I was hooked and couldn't wait for them to somehow find each other and be together at last as a couple even if there were many casualties on the way. 

Tom takes a position as lieutenant under Christopher on the Perilous. He is attracted to the beautiful charismatic Christoper but it takes them time to realize their mutual interest. In the mean while they have missions to accomplish at sea and naturally be very discreet about their sexual encounters. For Tom it doesn't take long for the feeling to follow the attraction but he doesn't want to let Christopher know, not sure how he'll react. When Christopher's life is at risk, Tom not only disobeyed his direct orders he also saves his life which changes their relationship to something MUCH more. Yet Being at sea is convenient, once Christopher steps on land again, he has obligations he can't deny and so they both have to consider how they want to continue from here.

This story is not for the faint of heart. One of the MC is being tortured and though we don't get ALL the gory details, enough is being said...  The book has three parts, each one feels like a standalone part of the story, reminding us what happened in the previous one. Quite strange.. For me, the best part was the third one, focusing on the sacrifices Tom and Christopher made in their lives and how they manage to find their way to one another. It's a sad story really and the sweet was mostly bitter-sweet but I did enjoy it. Christopher and Tom needed each other, they are perfect together. Christopher has his moments, he isn't always noble and sometimes a bit hot headed while Tom is a martyr, he thinks first of others and then of himself, putting Christopher's well being before his own. It was sweet and endearing really. I liked him, enjoyed getting his POV and truthfully was satisfied with it.

I love Cari's writing, I enjoy the diversity and this one was no different. Though I had my misgivings, in the end it was, for me, a unique story. Hurray for Tom and Christopher who deserve a happy ever after more than I can express in words. 

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