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Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2017 Reading List

As I tend to change things up once in a while, here's me trying to stamp the "New" over the beginning of 2017. Though I enjoy making my monthly goals & recaps at times they feel time consuming and a bit repetitive so I'm trying a new thing here which is actually a different format of my usual Goals. I don't think I'll write any monthly recaps (explaining my rating) I'll just use this monthly list to rank my readings (with links to reviews as I go).
In order not to make just a long list, I'm separating the books into genres.  

So what are we having on the table this month

There's a new (and probably funny as F) Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy collab I kindly got as an ARC, there are a few novels and novellas by Mary Calmes, Amy Lane and Cari Z - Three authors I enjoyed reading and trying to get my sticky hands all over their book list. There's a short FF romance by Amy Jo Cousins I'm excited to try and there are the last books I had left in the Bluewater Bay series (they come out so fast!).

A superb way to start 2017.

Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
Total Books: 18
Total Pages: 2266
Pages per day: ~73
Click for more Recap & Goals of previous months

Contemporary Romance
    ♥ Paranormal / Sci-Fi Romance ♥
    ♥ Historical Romance ♥

    ♥ New Adult Romance ♥

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