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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Freckles by Amy Lane

This book was somehow too superficial.. The idea behind the story, the characters were a sweet as it could get, and maybe because of that, there was very little to "cling" to. The two MC were a bit "neurotic" but also cute, they were perfect for one another, both looking for the man to spend the rest of their lives with. They wanted to take it slowly then somehow found themselves REALLY rushing it and I was confused as to "what changed". They were great together, they had a good influence on one another. But all in all, there was very little if any angst (besides both being VERY insecure), the was very little if any drama. If you are a dog lover you'd enjoy the part about Freckles though it also was a bit superficial with very little if any resolve to the issues Carter had with her (pooping and peeing around the house though granted maybe the book's time span wasn't enough for that).

Carter is a lawyer and though he loves being a lawyer he hates his boss and the cases he has to work on. Somehow one evening he finds himself tricked into taking a little puppy into his life. Not knowing what to do he takes her to the vet and there he meets Sandy the technician (who is also studying to become a vet). It mostly starts with Sandy being over friendly because he seems to like Carter and how seriously he is about taking care of Freckles the best as he can. They start of as somewhat friends but the attraction is there and though it takes a bit of time before they start really dating - once they do, the commitment follows soon after.  It was strange really, they both liked each other but being so insecure about themselves they didn't see the other's interest. Sandy wanted to wait, and then when he decided it's "it" he was inviting himself over to stay. I wasn't sure how he made this jump from taking it slow to talking about practically moving in.. The romance between these two was sweet, but in a way too sugary for me. The only conflict really was not knowing if the other one is TRULY interested. 

The story line about Carter's job was nice but in a way too perfect in the way it played. In the short time that he's met Sandy and took Freckles in he decided to be an independent lawyer and in about a week he had enough clients to quit his job and he did so in such a spectacular and unrealistic way (after an OTT performance of his douchebag boss) I was struck speechless. 

I don't know, this short novella was sweet, it was! and yet it was too sugary for me. The characters too flat or rather caricaturistic. I wish it was more, I wish there was more depth to the story. I loved SO many of Amy's books I'm really disappointed with how this one felt for me, and I'll admit this is a somewhat rounded up 3 stars rating, I just can't bring myself to lower it because I know it COULD have been much better and maybe it is what it is, maybe it's suppose to be a rather "shallow" sweet romantic novel. I don't know! I'm just disappointed it's not what I wanted it to be. 

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