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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dangerous Territory by Cari Z.

I really enjoyed this story though the beginning was a little bit confusing for me. The Paranormal aspect of the story are the shifters. They are known to the human world but not really accepted. When Carter needs to move his cattle FAST in order to sell them before everyone else does (in a better price) he has no other chance but to take a shifter guide and hope for the best, it's not only Rani he doesn't like or trust it's also the rain which could flood the way and kill the cattle AND the venomous gigantic snakes. YIKES! 

I enjoyed the relationship buildup. There was something underneath the surface for both of them (though we only got Carter's POV). The journey they had to go through kept me on edge, with the dangerous terrain and unpredictable weather. Rani "changed" along the way, he needed time before he could be comfortable with Carter. Carter on the other hand did his best to try and be friendly with Rani but in the end, Rani was there for him more than he could ever dream, he not only saved his life he also cared for him.  

There's a sad note to the story considering the reasons for this haste journey. I felt sorry for Carter but I admit I was also confused with some of the terms. I think I got it in the end, what he planned on doing and why, but I WAS frustrated that I didn't get his motives for his actions. This is the only reason I'm reducing my rating in ½ star because all in all it was a great short novella that contained a believable romance even though Rani and Carter still has a long way to go, alone and together. 

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