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Monday, January 2, 2017

Any Closer by Mary Calmes

I can honestly say THIS was not what I expected. I almost randomly chose it due to it's length because I knew won't be able to stay up for long last night.. SUCH a beautiful heartfelt story. Leo and Charlie were a beautiful match. It's clear they not only deserved one another, they NEEDED each other. I couldn't have asked for more. Took them long enough to make the first step, but when Charlie's past comes knocking at the door neither one of them seem to be able to put aside what he truly feels for the other. 

The synopsis mentions Charlie has a secret, but from the way it was told, I had NO idea where this one was going and the way Charlie was hurt and betrayed. When he came to Leo's door three years ago looking for a job he met a broken man. Leo might not realized just how broken. He did his best to give Charlie the security he seems to need and he couldn't know how accurate he was in what he freely offered. 

We only get Leo's POV in this one and so we can't know for sure what Charlie feels or what his reactions truly means. We get Leo, his loving and a bit complicated family and it's clear that though Leo is loud and throws his opinion even when not appreciated he is an amazing guy. When he hears about Charlie's past I could feel his heart breaking (as was my own) and also see his resolve to just stay friends crumbling. 

I don't want to say more not to spoiler this heartbreaking story. HIGHLY recommend it. It's such a short read and yet, there is so much more in it. I wish it was longer, I wish we would have gotten more of everything, of the two of them together, the crew, Leo's parents, his brother-in-law and his sister, and surely Charlie's POV and yet, this was still a whole story for me. It's the classic "want" against "need". I don't really NEED this one to be more than it was, but I WANT more because it was so precious. 

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