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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Yearly Recap

Each year I'm trying to figure out how to summarize my yearly reads. It's natural I mostly remember what I read in the few previous months, but the ones I read in January-February seems so far away. 

I recently made rating tags, mostly for this post, but also because it's interesting to see which were my favorites in a glance that has nothing to do with author and all about what I actually thought about the book.

Considering I read 122 books this year having SO many of them in the 4½-5 Star category, 79 to be exact, is pretty amazing. For me, though there IS a difference between 4½ and 5 stars rating I consider both as superb reads, but I'm not adding the 4 stars (21 books) because I want this list to include my absolute favorites not just "good reads". 

When I realized I have such a high percentage of 4-5 stars rating I was wondering if I over-rate, especially after seeing my Yearly Summary by GoodReads which says I rate on average 4.3 stars. Frankly I don't think I do, I'm honest about my feelings, and while there are so many with higher rating there ARE quite a few so-so ones and even lower rating (and some DNFs). As I see it, I just know how to pick 'em :) Especially considering this year was a lot about reading books by authors I already knew I loved.   

Here are my favorite reads of 2016: (by category)

The brackets in the category refers to number of favorites out of total read this year.
♪ The Italic are series (links to series page) In brackets are my favorite in

My Yearly goal for this year have been MUCH modest than 2014-2015. While this year I've read 122 books, I've read 194 books in 2015, and 183 books in 2014. 2013 was the first year I started organizing my books on GR but the count was from round middle of the year (102 books). 

Looking at GoodReads' Yearly Summary is really cool! 

Funny how the most popular book (on GR) I've read (Rule by Jay Crownover) feels to me as overrated, while the least popular (on GR) (Strangely Familiar by Cari Z.) is a book and an author I wish more people knew about. Also the highest rated (on GR) is a book (Sing to Me by Jeffrey Rivera) I gave 1 star rating though it  DID mostly mostly had to do with the genre (YA). 
Just shows how personal reading and reviewing a book is. 

One last thing I ALMOST forgot is my pages' count! 
I LOVE doing that though I'm not even sure why :D 

This year I've read 24,022 pages which are ~66 pages a day.

See you next year! ♥☺♥

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