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Monday, December 26, 2016

It's You (It's You #2) by K.P. Kelley (Katy Regnery)

My thoughts from the previous installment are extremely accurate for this one as well. In one word - INTENSE, with just another word added - AWESOME. I really enjoyed this book, loved the characters, the story and the way it evolved. There were so many layers to both Darcy and Jake's decisions as to "what to do next", it wasn't that simple for either one of them. No decision was a "good one", or one they could live with easily. This is the place to state that if you HAVEN'T read the first part of "It's You", first - YOU SHOULD, and second - better not continue reading you'll encounter MAJOR spoilers ahead. 

The first part of the story ended abruptly with Jake rushing home to safeguard Darcy. She might be reluctant to see him, but keeping her safe is the most important thing to him. While she is uncertain about them, he loved her for the past 20 years and nothing about that is about to change. Not today and not until his last day, as long as she is alive. Darcy IS uncertain about her feelings for Jake, after being apart from him for the last few days, when he comes back her resolve starts to crumble. It's a lot to take, she needed time to adjust, to understand and see how she can manage in her head to accept being a Roux-Ga-Roux's ("werewolf" if you prefer the term) mate. 

In alternating POVs we witness both of their turmoils. As can be expected, though it takes her a while, in which she is SO conflicted and Jake is almost at a loss for WHAT to do, she realizes she trusts and loves Jake and THAT would never change as long as she is bound to him. Yet loving each other isn't enough considering Lela's actions in the previous installment.. In less than two months, Jake has to appear in front of the whole council and present his mate for a re-binding, since the first one was only witnessed by his mother and his mentor - Tombeur. Jake knows he CANNOT and WILL NOT do that. He would rather arrive on his own and be tortured (preferable to being killed..) and hopefully would be released and return to his beloved somewhere in the future. Darcy's option isn't easy as well, she doesn't want to be separated from Jake and she certainly doesn't want him to be tortured!! but her only other option is to be MADE into a Roux-Ga-Roux which might have it's benefits and yet it's not something she is sure of. She might put up a front but inside it's something she worries about. It doesn't help that Jake simply WON'T do it and he has good reasons.. the first - being made a Roux-Ga-Roux means dying, and dying means that while Jake will stay bound to Darcy for the rest of his life, with her dying breath (even if she returns reborn) she herself, will be released from the binding, and no one knows if she will be bound to him once again in her new "being". 

To try and make the decisions on Jake easier, she decides to make a potion from the herbs she has been studying of late, to suppress the change during the full moon so she could SHOW Jake she wouldn't really have to be like him even if changed. But this experiment makes things even more complicated. It makes Jake question his dislike of his wolfish half. He was always tormented about being a soulless wolf being, but taking away his wolfish half isn't as easy as it sounds, not mentally. He has been a Roux-Go-Roux all his life, what and who will he be without it? 

Both Jake and Darcy are at a loss, not really prepared or ready for the Solstice - the gathering in which Jake has to present his mate. They want the same thing - to be together forever, yet it's not that simple and they both have to make very difficult decisions and they don't seem to agree on the approach the matter. I had different thoughts throughout the book as to WHAT they'll actually do considering their options, especially since they have people who they love and trust and KNOW will help them as much as they can - mostly Willow (Darcy's best friend "turned" Enchantress) but also Jake's family who might not like the fact he is bound to a human, but still wants him to be well and happy. 

Their decisions isn't just difficult they were heartbreaking at every step. I wanted to see Jake and Darcy together, safe, SO MUCH and yet there were things they NEEDED to confront in order to be able to do that. It was one HELL of a ride and I enjoyed ALL of it. I also enjoyed the supporting characters - Willow, Julien and Lela, Tallis and Tombeur. I don't want to write more about their part in the story, but it's significant for each one of them. I LOVED the way the book was concluded. SO SO beautiful. Couldn't have asked for more :)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but MUST be read after the first installment in order to get the whole story which is CRUCIAL for understanding and enjoying this beautiful story. 

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book will be out on the 17th of January 2017 - 

Pre-Order through Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 258 pages, 22-25 January 2017 / On GoodReads

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