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Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 2016 Goals

I can't believe a whole year has gone by. These are the last books I plan on reading this year. I had to pick and choose between A LOT of books I planned on reading and didn't get to them and so some books were shoved into a pile of - when I have the time somewhere in between, and some where postponed to next year (though even there I had to narrow it down in a more realistic manner..).  

It's been a while since I read any of Amy's books, this one sound like a sweet heart breaking story and though I don't celebrate Christmas or the other "end of year" holidays sometimes I enjoy getting into this sort of festive and sweet times. 

Finally I'm getting back to reading the Bluewater Bay MM Romance series, I enjoyed it back in March when I read it back then so I'm happy to get back to it now. There are more books in the series now.. But I don't want to add too many and find myself (again..) unable to finish them all in one go. Also I think it might get "too much" at a certain point.. Most of these are written by authors I already know I love which is always great :) I'll be continuing the series next month as well. 

This book will be out in the beginning of next month. I was kind enough to receive this one for review so I will be reading it this month and putting my review the day it's out. This is Serena's first sport Contemporary Romance (also the first installment in the series) so I'm really excited to try it out as I've enjoy most of Serena's books. 

  • Hard Hitter (Brooklyn Bruisers, #2) ★★★★★  [ Review will be up January 3rd ]
  • By Sarina Bowen
The second installment in the Brooklyn Bruisers will be out at the beginning of next month - YES! I loved "The Ivy Years" so much I'm so happy to get more with a little older characters in this spin off series. I was kind enough to receive an ARC so I'll be reading it this month and uploading my review the day it's released. 

Originally I planned on reading this MM Romance (mini) series last month but didn't have the time so instead I just read Nightingale and postponed these for this month. I'm not sure what to expect because though I'm categorizing it under Romance it might not really be one.. we'll see. I"m  HUGE fan of Aleksandr's work so trying this out is a given. 

This is Katy Regnery's first Paranormal Romance novel! YAY! It's a two part story. This one to be published on the 3rd of January and the next soon after. I'm really excited I got an ARC for it! I love Katy's writing and I love myself a good Paranormal story :)

Candy Man was a sweet MM Romance novel, so getting more from that world sounds like a treat :) I'm also adding another short novella from a MM Romance series I've read (this is from when they first met, originally published as a part of Anthology). 

I'm scheduled and re-scheduled this one SO MANY TIMES. I've heard great things about this Contemporary MM Romance book, enough to intrigue me, but with everything that's going on and the fact that this is Dani's debut novel I postponed it to no end, preferring other books when the month flew by and I wasn't able to actually read all I planned this time I did the exact opposite! when I saw "Candy Man" wasn't working for me, I removed the 2 remaining novels and put this one instead :) 

That's it for this month and generally for 2016. I hope I'll get to read all of them, mostly because I already have 2017 planned and frankly I don't know how I'll manage with what I really want to read so adding any more would be challenging.. 

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