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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rise & Fall (THIRDS #4) [Dex & Sloane] by Charlie Cochet

This series is turning out to be my absolute favorite PNR / UF series. From the first till now, each book is a solid 5 star review. These books have it all, they are humorous! I find myself Laughing Out Loud A LOT and yet they are also emotional and heart warming (at times heart breaking), besides that there is also action and a beautiful world containing humans and shifters. Each one I started I simply couldn't put down. I read most of these, including this one, in two days. One sitting couldn't be less than a few hours. This one I finished on 3 AM! was dead tired but couldn't for the life of me go to sleep without getting the whole story. 

The previous book ended in a sort of cliffhanger which I generally dislike but I couldn't fault Charlie, it was obvious that though Sloane was badly hurt he will survive (there are at least 3 more books planned for him and Dex not to mention another spin off series centered about these two). This book was suppose to be all about Dex taking care of Sloane in his vulnerable state, and yet we got something different, Dex almost avoiding Sloane (even though he is living in his house recovering!) so he could catch the guy who hurt Sloane and is threatening the other members of Destructive Delta who are basically his family (asides from Cael who is ACTUALLY his brother..). 

I think in another book I might have been angry with the MC for not taking care of his (or her) partner. But somehow I totally understood Dex, though I did need Lou assessment to WHY Dex is so obsessed with finding and destroying the Coalition. Destructive Delta is off the case (too many injured and also being a target), yet Dex can't let it go so he continues on his own, first with only Austen's help, later added to that Ash who is following Dex on Sloane's request and finally the whole team gathers around Dex to try and get rid of the Coalition. It's not easy doing all that when Hobbs' brother - Seb - is the one in charge of this case. 

We've learned a little bit about Seb in the previous installments. He used to be a part of Destructive Delta but he got transferred after he screwed things over in a case when he was determined to save his lover (Hudson the chief Medical Examiner). Seb and Hudson break up, Hudson staying in his place and Seb doing paper work for a while before he gets back into active duty. He only recently got to replace Levy as a team leader (after Levy was found guilty of working with the Coalition). We get to hear a little bit about the gory details and considering where Dex and Sloane are in their relationship it at least makes Sloane think about how serious things are between them. 

It's actually the first time Sloane admits to loving Dex and he shows him exactly that in a very special and intimate way. I LOVED that. It was so true to character, I can't wait to explore more of that in the next installments though I'm not sure if we'll actually get it before their next book as the main couple ("Smoke & Mirrors" the 7th installment)  

I enjoyed seeing Dex doing detective work, something he used to do in the human police and he isn't really doing this whole year as a part of THIRDS. There are many more secrets to be revealed about the THIRDS, I think mainly concerning the research facility - past and present (and future..). We know it's open to business though it was suppose to be abandoned but we also get a very convincing evident it's NOT closed. 

One of my favorite characters in this book was Austen. He is SUCH a funny guy. The way he knows everything and follows everybody (also working for everyone at the same time) is hilarious! I really can't wait to read his book (as the MC). Also we got to meet another character - Felipe who will have his own novel in the THIRDS World somewhere in the future. Another book and couple I can't wait to hear about is Calvin and Hobbs, things SEEM to be progressing with them but it's hard to know what it actually means.. We'll get their story in "Against the Grain" (the 6th installment). I guess the next two are a sort of "pause" from our main couple - Dex and Sloane - It makes sense to me considering they are already somehow in their HEA. 

The next book in the series is of Cael and Ash - FINALLY. In this book we get a little bit more of Ash and not just as a jerk. Even Dex is starting to get him and somehow be on his side, wishing Cael would be more patient with him and wait for him. Ash has his personal difficulties and I totally get why he is anxious about getting together with Cael. Cael is much freer in his personality than Ash is so it's hard for him to see what's holding Ash back. I really can't wait to see more of his vulnerable side. I don't mean wanting to see him weak, or emotional - I want to see the REAL him. The one who is loyal and caring for the few he considered close to him and not just the muscle / tormentor / jerk. 

Frankly, I could go on forever. I LOVED this book and I'm loving this series with each book, getting excited about the next one and the next one, the THIRDS World separate books, the new spin off - TIN - I'm wondering about. Can't praise this series and book enough! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 236 pages, 6-7 November 2016 / On GoodReads

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