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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Marry Me Mad (The Rousseaus, #2) [Mad & Cort] by Katy Regnery

Sweet and heart-felt. I LOVED this one. Cort and Mad are PERFECT together, I really liked how this one in a way a love re-kindled, and yet it wasn't. Because Mad and Cort were never actually together but as Merit Atwell (Cort's friend) told Mad - she isn't his "type" she is the "prototype" which sums it all out when you think about it. For Mad it was different, she wanted a fairy-tale but she went the wrong way finding it. 

This book shares the same time-line as the previous one. Took me a while to gather when certain things happen but once the story was finished it all made sense to me. Reading this one before the previous one will give away a HUGE spoiler so DON'T DO IT! Start with Jax's story, it's beautiful and sweet like this one :) 

If I have to pick a favorite I think I actually like this one better, mostly because of Mad. I she is so genuine, even or especially when she makes the "wrong" choices, or when she is afraid to truly fight for her heart's desire. I also really enjoyed seeing Cort unravel a side to her only he sees. The wild side everyone assumes only her sister Jax has. Cort is as close to perfect as a guy can get. Loving endlessly, appreciative, caring, honorable and all of that without mentioning the beautiful package he comes in - tattoos included, and the sensual musical talent. All in all a YUM to keep! ;) No wonder the sex is so hot between these two!! 

In the previous installment we already got an idea about how much of a douche-bag Mad's boyfriend is, in this one it gets to it's breaking point. Mad might be the forgiving kind, and she also might truly want a HEA with her long time boyfriend but enough is enough. Heart broken she stumbles into a bar drinks herself till she gets sick and being rescued by the last person she would have dreamed to come to her help - Cort Ambler, her neighbor growing up but also Jax's ex-boyfriend who broke her heart 10 years ago when they were in high school. 

Mad might have had a secret thing towards Cort as they were growing up, but it was swallowed in hate after what he did to her sister. Cort, knowing first hand looks could be deceiving always loved Mad, he just found himself with the wrong sister unable to make it right no matter what he did, now is his time to try and win the one he always wanted into his arms. Yet it's not that simple, the sister bond is something not to be messed with especially not with sisters as close as Jax and Mad.. and that without mentioning the complicated situation Jax is in during this book (explained in the previous one). 

So Cort and Mad are at an impasse. They want each other, the love each other but without Jax's blessing it's futile. For Mad even talking to Jax might be considered a betrayal, how could she? Especially now when so much is on the line for her sister. 

I've already said more than I intended... So I'll just add one small thing.. I ADORED the idea behind the smallish tattoo. When you'll get there you'll know what I mean :) It's so clever! I, myself am into bigger ones, but everything about that one was perfect. 

GRAB AND READ! (right after you finish the previous one..). Can't wait to get my hand on J.C.'s book! also can't wait to get more of the Amblers! 

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Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 160 pages, 19-20 November 2016 / On GoodReads

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