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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Catch a Tiger by the Tail (THIRDS #6) [Calvin & Ethan] by Charlie Cochet

Clearly, Charlie can do no wrong. This was another excellent installment in the series, focusing on the long awaited love story of Calvin and Ethan. A little bit like Ash and Cael - they just needed a little shove before they could finally form a romantic relationship. Everything changed for Calvin a while ago when he realized he wanted more from Ethan but he only made the first move after the Youth Center exploded with Ethan inside. That's when they shared their first kiss. Yet though Ethan returned the kiss, for him, making a change in their relationship is the most scary thing he can think of. Calvin is the most important person in his life. If things doesn't work out, what would happen to their friendship? That's something he doesn't want to risk and yet when it's obvious Calvin wants more and is constantly hurt by Ethan for not wanting him back he is forced to consider and re-consider his decisions. 

Unlike the previous one though, this one focused mostly on Calvin and Ethan, though we get a lot about the team, there's more focus on them and their family as well. Near the end I was crushed with the reality the siblings has to deal with now. Though I was glad to see that SOME things are on the mend. We've already met Seb and Rafe but up until this book I don't think we saw them this clearly or maybe understood the situation they are living in, with a very sick father, a mother trying to take care of him as best as she could, Rafe working as hard as he can to support the family, Seb being there for Ethan emotionally who apparently broke down after everything that went down with his dad, causing the Selective Mutism and anxiety he deals with now. That's without mentioning what Seb had to deal with after what happened with him and Hudson the guy he bonded with. 

This book was somehow more emotional than the previous ones, maybe because Ethan is the sweetest guy ever and he has to deal with so much. I think he is brave beyond words considering his job and the risks he puts himself in, even though he doesn't always deal perfectly with certain situations. We also get to see Calvin and how much he puts unto himself to save the ones he cares about. He is a strong guy, mentally, but even he has his breaking points. What happened to Ethan in the Youth Center and the whole way their romantic relationship seems to be going forward then backwards really stressed him out (as we could feel in the previous installments). I was surprised there wasn't a real reference to what happened during the time Ethan was on the wrong medicine, but maybe it was time to close that subject and move on.. 

The villain and issue in this book is a new one and is actually being resolved when the book is concluded. It had everything to do with Calvin dealing with his past demons, finding a way to confide in Ethan and truly be his partner. I was surprised about the "kinky side" he showed with Ethan but I guess it kinda made sense considering the way Calvin lives his life. 

There's one scene I simply HAVE to spoiler because I just CAN'T it was so DAMN FUNNY. As mentioned in the previous installment, Sloane in moving into Dex's house so the team is helping in the move. There's this instance in which Cael drinks coffee which he really SHOULDN'T, and then he sees, really sees, this HUGE box! and as boxes are something feline are VERY attracted to he tries to convince everyone around him to allow him to shift into his cheetah form and play. No one lets him, yet when the "grown ups" have to go for an important errand the Therians left have no one to stop them from shifting and playing around in the big box. I LOVED that scene. It was so precious! 

This book ends in the most infuriating way with a HUGE cliffhanger! Yeah I have the next one on hand but I'm still annoyed at that. It has nothing and everything to do with what the team dealt with up until now. I really don't know what to think of the little we discover in the very ending.

oh well, no choice but to delve right into the next one.. I'm just so worried about the ending of THAT one considering there are a few month till the next installment. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let it end with a horrific cliffhanger like this one!

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 230 pages, 11-13 November 2016 / On GoodReads

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