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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016 Recap

Doing these posts allows me not only to summarize my reading but look at each month, what I did, what I accomplish and naturally what I've read or rather planning on reading. I love doing that, especially in a month most of it was filled with FABULOUS reads. I had to change up a bit but generally speaking this month I've read more than I have in a LONG time which for me shows I CAN find more time to read when it's totally worth it (November Goals). 

Total Read - 13 ebooks / 2917 pages (~97 pages a day)

There are two books I'm not sure about their length.. so I'm basically guessing what FEELS right. I don't know why one just doesn't have any page count and the other the page count seems TOTALLY off.. 

★  ★  ★  ★  ★ - Cheers and Shouts for the Favorites -  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 
I started this month with an AMAZING Urban Fantasy / Paranormal MM Romance series I'm OBSESSED about. Can't wait for the next installments to come! I"m talking about " THIRDS" by Charlie Cochet. I gulped down each book and truthfully couldn't put it down. It focuses mainly about one couple and so it takes time for them to find their HEA (which I really enjoyed). The supporting characters are GREAT and also getting a few books about them was fun. Can't recommend this one enough! The world building is beautifully done. Loved the way Charlie built the history of a shifter species. 

Another sweet and beautiful (sub) series was "The Rousseaus" a part of the Blueberry Lane series by Katy Regnery. I enjoyed each book individually, though they talk about three siblings, each book is totally different and each book I read I loved more than the other. These book are so endearingly sweet and fun to read.

▲  ▲ On the Fence ▼  ▼
While I enjoyed both novels, for both of them something was missing. 

I wanted A LOT more from the Contemporary MM Romance novel "The boyfriend Makeover" by River Jaymes especially considering how much I LOVED the two previous installments in the series.

I actually really enjoyed reading the Historical MM Romance novel "Nightingale" by Aleksandr Voinov, I was just a bit too depressed with the overall setting (which COULD be expected considering it taking place in WWII). Maybe I needed to be in a less positive mood while reading it? I'm not sure.. I DO recommend it! It was exceptionally written (as always). 

"Burn" was a sort Sci-Fi MM "Romance" short novella by Aleksandr Voinov. It's not that it wasn't good, it's me who gets confused with those kind of techy and geeky terms and since it was REALLY short and had a lot going on, there was little time to introduce so many of those confusing details.. I was lost, but I'm still appreciative of a glimpse to a very unique story.  
 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

That's it for this month Recap. All I can say is I hope next month would contain such an enjoyable assembly of books. 

Burn by Aleksandr Voinov

Wait, what was that?! I'm still puzzled about what I just finished.. I mean, I was never into Sci-Fi and maybe it's because these things are WAY to complicated for me. I"m not sure I understood what BURN means.. which, well, suppose to be important right?

There is very little I can say about the plot, reading the synopsis totally gets you the idea behind it all, you are just left with revealing the "big secret" the "motive" so to speak which was a good one. Though again I'm still confused about the whole thing. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nightingale by Aleksandr Voinov

I enjoyed this book, but at the same time, there were times I felt a bit lost in the gloom of occupied Paris. This IS a romance story told solely from Yves POV, but it's mostly HIS story. The few years he spent as the NIghtingale, a performer - singer and entertainer to the Parisian crowds as well as the Germans occupying the city during WWII. His story is heart breaking but it's also hopeful in it's own way though mostly I felt hard decisions brought Yves to a better place in life. Always compromising something. 

Yves's mother was a famous singer so it's no wonder he inherited the art, and yet mostly he enjoyed making jokes and singing songs in small clubs. That changed after he met Maurice - owner of a few clubs around Paris, most distinguished is "The Palace". Maurice seeing Yves' potential offers him to perform and when a high ranking German officer takes a liking to Yves it becomes a sort of a vouch Maurice and really, every frenchman should have. It's obvious Heinrich von Starck wants more than Yves' friendship and though Yves is flattered he is unsure of any sort of romantic relations with "the enemy", just seeing the uniform disgusts him and yet Heinrich does feel and mostly behave differently when what he expects and the way he protects Yves might prove useful and so he finds himself in a sort of relationship with him he isn't proud of.. while he does enjoy the man's company, anything else he mostly endures. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Boyfriend Makeover (The Boyfriend Chronicles #3) [Noah & Ky] by River Jaymes

Disappointed.. I was SO excited about this book, I LOVED the previous ones and when I heard this one is going to be published I haunted Amazon and ordered my copy on 2 AM in the morning it was published. So when I started reading and didn't find myself sucked right in I was puzzled. I felt something was missing but couldn't point my finger to what exactly. I think it's Noah. I couldn't really connect with him. Something about him felt TOO fake, and we had a really short time to see him actually evolve. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis (The Rousseaus, #3) [J.C. & Libitz] by Katy Regnery

I loved this book and more over, appreciated this book on so many levels! I truly didn't expect this one to be so special to me, not the way it did. I hope I'll be able to do it justice with my review.. 

Though I was curious about Libitz from hearing about her in Kate and Etienne's book ("Kiss Me Kate", The English Brothers #6), Jean-Christian (J.C. in short) ISN'T my kind of guy, I remember I had a similar thought when I read Alex English's book, I was wondering the same, basically if he will be "redeemable", because let's face it, he sounds like a douche.. (when it's NOT concerning his family). Like with Alex's book, I was happy to be worried for nothing, I truly appreciated J.C.. Yeah he started off as quite annoying in the way he was sure Libitz will fall into his arms (or rather, his bed..) but Libitz was feisty enough to show him she is NOT impressed. Not at all. Which is what I expected from her :) She never did disappoint me in this aspect, she put up a fight against J.C.'s pig like behavior, but she did it while making both him and myself laugh. I really enjoyed their banter. No wonder it made them realize they have more in common then they would easily admit, and that without mentioning they both share a love for art as well as own an art gallery.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Marry Me Mad (The Rousseaus, #2) [Mad & Cort] by Katy Regnery

Sweet and heart-felt. I LOVED this one. Cort and Mad are PERFECT together, I really liked how this one in a way a love re-kindled, and yet it wasn't. Because Mad and Cort were never actually together but as Merit Atwell (Cort's friend) told Mad - she isn't his "type" she is the "prototype" which sums it all out when you think about it. For Mad it was different, she wanted a fairy-tale but she went the wrong way finding it. 

This book shares the same time-line as the previous one. Took me a while to gather when certain things happen but once the story was finished it all made sense to me. Reading this one before the previous one will give away a HUGE spoiler so DON'T DO IT! Start with Jax's story, it's beautiful and sweet like this one :) 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jonquils for Jax (The Rousseaus, #1) [Jax & Gard] by Katy Regnery

What a sweet sweet story! Really enjoyed it! I really liked that though it IS an emotional story, very endearing from both Jax and Gard, I don't consider this one to be angsty at all. It's simply a touching story about two people who are lost, finding a way to each other as well as finding their place in this world. 

It's been a few months since I read "The Winslow Brothers" the second part of the "Blueberry Lane" series and so I really enjoyed getting back. Also meeting a few of the characters from the previous installments. It's not necessary to start at the beginning to enjoy this book though, "The Rousseaus" is a (sub)series standing on it's own. But I DO recommend ALL of them. Like this one, they are rather short sweet romance novels that leaves you with a smile on your face. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Smoke & Mirrors (THIRDS #7) [Dex & Sloane] by Charlie Cochet

~sigh~ this book.. I really don't know where to start.. I think it's my favorite though it's really hard to choose (and yeah ALL the other ones in the series also got 5 stars rating). I LOVE Dex and Sloane, I really enjoyed getting Ash and Cael and Calvin and Ethan's stories but Sloane and Dex are epic in their own right. This book shows us exactly that while revealing A LOT of secrets from the past, as well as what's been going on behind their backs with TIN (a sort of CIA agency with Therian agents) and a little about the villains running the show from back when Ash and Sloane were kids, before they even turned. This book was not only action packed it was also SO DAMN EMOTIONAL, because of the consequences of the action, but also because Sloane and Dex have to deal with their inner demons and it's not easily done. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Catch a Tiger by the Tail (THIRDS #6) [Calvin & Ethan] by Charlie Cochet

Clearly, Charlie can do no wrong. This was another excellent installment in the series, focusing on the long awaited love story of Calvin and Ethan. A little bit like Ash and Cael - they just needed a little shove before they could finally form a romantic relationship. Everything changed for Calvin a while ago when he realized he wanted more from Ethan but he only made the first move after the Youth Center exploded with Ethan inside. That's when they shared their first kiss. Yet though Ethan returned the kiss, for him, making a change in their relationship is the most scary thing he can think of. Calvin is the most important person in his life. If things doesn't work out, what would happen to their friendship? That's something he doesn't want to risk and yet when it's obvious Calvin wants more and is constantly hurt by Ethan for not wanting him back he is forced to consider and re-consider his decisions. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Against the Grain (THIRDS #5) [Cael & Ash] by Charlie Cochet

I LOVED this one SO MUCH. Really enjoyed getting Cael and Ash's love story. It was different in pace than Dex and Sloane's relationship because they both already loved and wanted each other, it was just waiting for Ash to accept the fact he is gay, he loves Cael and is willing to put his past aside so he could be with him. I think it was mostly about getting "hit on the head" figuratively speaking so he could make the final step towards Cael.

When I've heard this is Cael and Ash's book I thought it would somehow be more about THEM, but actually it was very similar to the other books in the series, Dex and Sloane have a huge part in it as well, not only because Ash and Sloane are best friends and Dex and Cael are brothers.. The book is mostly told from their POVs with a little bit of Austen thrown in the mix. He's starting to have a bigger role in the series which I really like! He's such an interesting character!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rise & Fall (THIRDS #4) [Dex & Sloane] by Charlie Cochet

This series is turning out to be my absolute favorite PNR / UF series. From the first till now, each book is a solid 5 star review. These books have it all, they are humorous! I find myself Laughing Out Loud A LOT and yet they are also emotional and heart warming (at times heart breaking), besides that there is also action and a beautiful world containing humans and shifters. Each one I started I simply couldn't put down. I read most of these, including this one, in two days. One sitting couldn't be less than a few hours. This one I finished on 3 AM! was dead tired but couldn't for the life of me go to sleep without getting the whole story. 

The previous book ended in a sort of cliffhanger which I generally dislike but I couldn't fault Charlie, it was obvious that though Sloane was badly hurt he will survive (there are at least 3 more books planned for him and Dex not to mention another spin off series centered about these two). This book was suppose to be all about Dex taking care of Sloane in his vulnerable state, and yet we got something different, Dex almost avoiding Sloane (even though he is living in his house recovering!) so he could catch the guy who hurt Sloane and is threatening the other members of Destructive Delta who are basically his family (asides from Cael who is ACTUALLY his brother..). 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rack & Ruin (THIRDS #3) [Dex & Sloane] by Charlie Cochet

Another great installment! I'm loving this series SO MUCH! I read this one literally in one day, even one sitting. Can't get enough of the Destructive Delta team! Like the other books in the series, this book was fluid, funny, emotional, full of action, it simply has it all! 

Dex and Sloane are a couple there is no doubt about it, yet Sloane IS somehow sill holding back which is why when Dex accidentally says the "L" word it makes Sloane take a hike. The one is there for both of them, telling them to have faith in one another is no other than Ash! 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Blood & Thunder (THIRDS #2) [Sloane & Dex] by Charlie Cochet

Great novel! Really enjoyed it! One of those books you are reluctant to put down. I really enjoyed the previous one, and this one was just as good. I loved getting to know the MC as well as the rest of the Destructive Delta team even better and now it's even more than just wanting Dex and Sloane to find their HEA, there are more I want to see getting there. This had more action in my mind but the real resolve only comes in the last few chapters in which we understand the global threat to THIRDS as well as a MAJOR reveal of Sloane's secrets. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Hell & High Water (THIRDS #1) [Dex & Sloane] by Charlie Cochet

This book was SO AWESOME! It's been really a while since I read something resembling this series, or maybe I simply haven't and that's why I'm so excited! In a way it reminds me of "Cut & Run" by Abigail Roux because being a part of the THIRDS organization could resemble being apart of the FBI, being partners "against their will", both having the kind of sense of humor it's just FUN to read and see how the inuendoes affect the relationship and make it grow and yet that's where the resemblance ends.. First because HELLO this is a Paranormal Romance series, there are Therians, which is another word for "shifter". THIRDS means Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron, a special agency combining Therians and humans as partners dealing with the kind of crime the "regular" police simply can't handle. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 2016 Goals

I new month, a new beginning. I'm starting this month with a short vocation, hopefully means I'll have a TON of time to read, also I'm starting a new course I'm excited about and in general winter is coming ;) the best time of year to read, well, actually I read a lot in the summer as well, what can I do besides sit in the air conditioning and read?..

It's been a LONG while since I've read an Urban Fantasy series (this one also being MM), I don't remember who recommended it to me but it's been there for a while now, time to check it out! I gotta say, I used to read much more paranormal and somehow I got sucked into the real world hehe 

I love Katy's Blueberry Lane world so I'm excited to finally get my hand on this part of the series. I was tempted to sample the first two when they were out but decided to do as I planned - read all of them when they are ALL out. This contemporary romance series can be read as a stand alone series. Some of the characters somehow reappear in other part of the series but not in a spoilery way. 

My oh my, how much I've waited for this Contemporary MM Romance novel! I hope all is well with River and we'll have more books by her coming soon! 

I've read most of Aleksandr's work, there are actually three more I"m planning on reading next month besides a newer Paranormal Series. Here I have one Historical MM Romance and a short Sci-Fi novella. 

That's it for this month, more that I think I'll actually get to read, but hopefully I'll manage most of them. 

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