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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sweet Young Thang (Theta Alpha Gamma #3) [Collin & Eric] by Anne Tenino

We've met Collin in the first installment, he was Brad's new roommate and fellow frat boy in Theta Alpha Gamma. He knew he was gay, even came on to Brad but he isn't out. That didn't seem to be possible to change for a while.. Not when his uncle Monty, the guy who raised him after his father died have so many expectations from him.. This book was the turning point for Collin, from the guy who agrees with his uncle just because he has to, to the guy who can stand for himself with a full frat house behind him. 

It all started when TAG decided to make it clear on their acceptance registration that gay men are welcome to be a part of the frat house. It seems the Alumni Committee wasn't so into the idea not to mention they were afraid people would take actions against the frat house because of this change. TAG weren't about to back down no matter what, and I gotta say they had pretty cool ideas how to make a stand with their beliefs. Even though it was still funny as hell to see those guys and how they conduct serious business :D 

The whole situation exploded - literally! When their frat house was burned down. Though it wasn't clear who did it and for what reason, people just assumed it was due to the new change of accepting gay men into the frat.. No one could really think of a better reason (let's leave the failure at the fencing match for now hehe). But we DO get a lot of hints to who might have done it, though the motive is unknown up until the end. 

So where is the romance? in this book ALL OVER THE PLACE. It's mushy, it's sweet and sugary in an almost sticky and sickly kind of a way, that's without mentioning the sex.. which was hot but also had the same sugary feel to it. 

Collin and Eric meet the day of the frat burned, Collin wasn't a patient, he wasn't hurt, but he was helping Eric tend to a fellow frat member. From there they form a sort of connection neither one of them expected to. It was almost insta-love, but I don't think it was, it was something between these two calling to one another. Also they spend a lot of stressful times together which tend to strengthen relationships. 

There's quite a big age difference between Collin and Eric - 15 years to be exact. I gotta say, I didn't feel it AT ALL. Collin might have been very emotional but I don't think it was due to his age as much as he was through with this frat house bullshit and wanted his life back. I think they just both wanted the same thing even if it was more clear to Eric than it was for Collin, or maybe Collin never thought about it, and Eric already knew it's what he wanted. 

I liked them together, even though it was too flowery and sugary a lot of the time, and even though this book was too long for my liking - which is why I'm reducing a star to my review. I don't have anything "bad" to say about this book, I really enjoyed it. It was still funny as hell, a sort of easy read, yet it was more emotional and unlike the previous ones it was just too damn long. I don't know what exactly I would have reduced from this book, but I would just put less emphasis on things I guess. 

We do get to revisit our two past couples but very shorty, though Collin and Sebastian have a sort of unwanted heart to heart about what happened between Brad and Collin when Sebastian and Brad were just starting out. There seems to be a problem in Sebastian and Brad's relationship, something there isn't working quite right, which would be resolved in the next book in this series (a short novella).

(Again) I SO enjoyed the supporting characters! it's something that brings theis series from being fun and easy to HILARIOUS and a JOY to read. This time it was Kyle and Ashley - mostly apart but also a bit together (she makes asking for coffee a talent!), Mike, the Marshal and  Eric's friend from the station - I loved their relationship and him specifically. We got a bit of Toby with an interesting interpretation of him from Ashley and also his love interest for the last book in the series - Jock who is Tank's brother, coming to going TAG after being thrown out of his Hockey team in another college for being gay.

I really like this series! I do! It's so much FUN! I would still say it's low on the angst, and yeah it's a bit sugary than the usual college romance (it's' probably that emotion course everyone at the frat house seems to be taking hehe) but still, it's SO GOOD!

Recommended! Yep, just be advised this one is a bit long.. and there is one little issue that wasn't fully closed, I haven't decided what I think about it, maybe it really wasn't needed.. I guess not. :) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 376 pages, 8-9 October 2016 / On GoodReads

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