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Monday, October 17, 2016

Poster Boy (Theta Alpha Gamma #5) [Toby & Jock] by Anne Tenino

This was another funny and sweet (and also the last) installment in the "Theta Alpha Gamma" frat house series. I enjoyed getting to know both Toby and Jock and having more of some of the others who are SO silly, it's really is impossible not to laugh about how CUTE they are. Yet this one wasn't a favorite. For me, it was too long. The whole story is somehow more focused on the frat boys than on the couple or at least it seemed that way because it takes WAY TOO LONG for Toby and Jock to find their way to one another. It made them both insecure in a way I thought mostly charming and sweet, mostly when it concerns Toby who unlike Jock is actually a confident guy.

We've met Jock in the two previous installments, he is Tank's brother, and also recently outed.. He used to play in a hockey team, was on the road to going pro, but when a compromising photo of him is plastered all over and his coach is fuming (homophobe) he decides to leave and join his brother's frat house. It would have been great if his past from his previous college would have stayed behind but it doesn't, and so when opportunity strikes he leaves for Provence with some of the guys from the frat. He just wants to be away from everything even though staying three months in a house with Toby is going to be difficult..

Why? because they hooked up once, it was AMAZING for both of them, but Jock freaked out and left leaving Toby second guessing himself while also being enamored with the guy, so going to Provence with the frat boys INCLUDING Jock isn't something Toby is truly looking for.. thing is, it's the only way for him to extend his time in college until he finishes his damn thesis, which he isn't even interested in anymore and so going to Provence was a way to be focused on the thesis not being distracted by a guy he isn't sure is into him or not.. 

The frat boys do their best to get in trouble, be sweet and endearing, play match maker a little and even for another couple to find their HEA. I enjoyed their part for sure, but as I've said above, I would have enjoyed this book better if it was shorter and more about Jock and Toby. 

While Toby KNOWS what he wants we are mostly waiting for Jock to figure it all out. He is scared of bottoming, he is scared of having a relationship, he is scared of being seen in public as gay, generally he is just plain scared of everything it takes to be openly gay. Toby couldn't be more understanding but Jock needs to work on himself before they can be together, and even after - he has some figuring out to do about what it truly means for him to love Toby. 

I liked how the story ended, especially since I was starting to be a little tired of Jock's Alpha attitude. So the Epilogue was totally necessary for me to realize how much these two actually belong together and not just in the picturesque Provence but also back home. They made a true change in the other person, not something out of character for them, I guess they both grew up in their own way, realized what was important for them. What they wanted, from each other, from life. 

It was a nice ending for the series. I gotta say I liked it, it was an easy read mostly, funny, low on angst. Sometimes you need those especially after a very stress out two months.   

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 312 pages, 11-17 October 2016 / On GoodReads

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