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Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 2016 Goals

Though I had a horrible month in September, this month I want things to get back in track, meaning my LIFE BACK. Dealing with losing Eric, my new puppy Lin, dealing with so many assignments left me without breath. This month is full of holidays I tend to fully take advantage of. 

I've recently read "Touch the Sky" - the first book in this New Adult MM Romance Series and LOVED it, oh how I loved it! So getting a new one so soon - YES PLEASE! Wonder if it's going to be soul wrenching as the first one was... mmm, I haven't even read the synopsis, why bother? ;) This one launched in the beginning of September.

It's been a while since I've read any book by Anne, and so I hope this New Adult MM Romance would be a fun way to start this month's reading. 

This is a totally surprise release and I'm really excited about it! Kristina has only 3 books out and I really loved them! There was a cover reveal a short while ago but the book isn't even on GoodReads yet though the book will be released somewhere in the middle of October I think. It's going to be a Contemporary Romance novel. 

A new series by Sarina - sign me up! The first one is a new Contemporary Romance series, a spin off to the AWESOME New Adult "The Ivy Years" Series. They are all grown up after finishing college. The second is also a new Contemporary Romance series but not sports relate. I LOVED the previous one so I"m really excited about this one! 

Yeah, there are 13 AWESOME books in the "Midnight Breed" Paranormal Romance Series so getting another one (and a half..) is always a bonus. Lara did an amazing job with this series. I loved the way the whole arc was played and the new arc from a few novels back. Right now it's my favorite long Paranormal series. These two are new releases in the series, as always with the short novellas in this one it can be read a standalone. 

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