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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Love, Hypothetically (Theta Alpha Gamma #2) [Paul & Trevor] by Anne Tenino

This was somehow a bit different from the previous one, I mean, it was still a funny read, but it had a lot more drama to it and I guess, Paul isn't a guy it's easy to love (or even like).. he is bitter and annoying most of the time but I think this short novella was his turning point. Which was hilarious to read :)

Paul and Trevor were high school sweethearts but since Trevor was a jock interested in playing professionally he couldn't be out. So though it felt very serious between the two, Paul was "the dirty little secret", having to deal with Trevor having a girlfriend and not being able to truly BE with Trevor. Then the ultimate act of betrayal from Trevor brought us the Paul we've met (9 years later) as Sebastian's friend and roommate who HATES jocks. 

But Trevor is "back in town" wanting to patch things up with Paul. He have been playing professionally but now he quit and came out as gay and FINALLY getting the guy he never stopped loving. 

This whole short novella is told from Paul's POV which was funny to read. Paul isn't a nice guy, he is bitter, he is mean, he is disrespectful but somehow the tone of it all was funny to me, I guess because he was straggling with everything and because he was desperately trying to change which was harder than he thought. I LOVED his talks with Toby (who was also a roommate in the flat they shared with Sebastian in the previous installment). I enjoyed getting glimpses of Sebastian and Brad as well. 

I really enjoy this series! I'm still sick, woke up ever sicker actually.. but at least I'm sorta laughing with a fun read, right?

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 94 pages, 7-8 October 2016 / On GoodReads

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