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Friday, October 7, 2016

Frat Boy and Toppy (Theta Alpha Gamma #1) [Brad & Sebastian] by Anne Tenino

This was a FUN read, easily a Laugh Out Loud romance, not heavy, very mild on the drama, almost no angst, all the characters are easy going and FUN. FUN is THE word for this book. It's a light weight romance, we only get a HFN but it's enough because it's SO SWEET and funny. I"m not usually impressed with college jocks and them acting stupid, but hearing Brad's thoughts was GREAT. Sebastian was more mature, age-wise as well as generally, more serious but he was so damn sweet towards Brad I couldn't NOT love him as well. It got a bit kinky but really, not too much (considering frat boys are full of hormones and there's quite a lot of sex in this not so long novel).

Brad just realized he's gay. He might have realized it sooner but he was doing his best ignoring it, mainly with looking as though he is screwing around. Well, besides, Ashley, they were together months.. but didn't have sex.. he didn't want to.. Looking between Sebastian the HOT PA in his History class and Ashley it's no brainer really, only getting TO Sebastian is another matter entirely... 

Turns out it wasn't that hard.. Sebastian has been into Brad for a while now but he assumed he is straight.. When they get together boy they are HOT but there is also something sweet and tender under the surface all the time which made this novella more than a sex-fest between two horny guys ;) Sebastian is smart, Brad is kinda average. Their interests aren't that alike and yet together they are a sugar bomb. I LOVED them. I gotta say the kinky stuff is less my thing.. Sebastian was on the dominant side at times (as per Brad's request). As I've written above we only get a HFN from these two, usually it's enough for me (as it is now), but if you are someone who wants more you might get it in the 4th installment in the series - Good Boy - Continuing their story. 

The supporting characters were also a joy to get to know. Both Sebastian and Brad's roommates, Ashley (a star!!!) and even their families (Brad's family REALLY cracked me up when he came out to them). 

Truly it was a fun almost NO angst easy, funny and enjoyable read. I'm sick (at least the fever is gone..) I'm staying at home drinking Earl Grey tea and consuming my favorite "drug of choice" - nasal drops (don't you love those? they are MAGIC), I couldn't have asked for a better reading choice at the moment.. Though laughing with a sour throat  was so-and-so. 

Yeah Recommended! Preferable when you aren't sick ;)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 198 pages, 7 October 2016 / On GoodReads

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