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Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016 Recap

This month I didn't finish all I had planned (per usual) but I had EXCELLENT reads (October Goals). I read books by authors I knew I enjoyed reading before, I had good laughs, emotional rides, a little bit of action and even a few vampires thrown in the mix

Total Read - 11 ebooks / 2521 pages (~81 pages a day)

Not that bad considering my previous months.. but there is still more to strive for (I mostly aim towards 100-110 pages a day). 

★  ★  ★  ★  ★ - Cheers and Shouts for the Favorites -  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 
Chase the Sun the second installment in the New Adult MM Romance series Free Fall by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn was touching and beautiful but frankly, after reading the first one, I knew I'm going to love it. I loved all of Christina's New Adult novels so this one, shouldn't be any different. For both MC this is a true coming of age novel. 

It's been a while since I've read anything by Anne Tenino which is a shame, I love her humor and the sort of easy fun read she offers. The Theta Alpha Gamma New Adult MM Romance series wasn't any different it was funny, the kind of series you read to put yourself in an easy going state. It's mostly low on the angst and full blown on the ridiculous and fun, well, what can you expect from frat boys? I really enjoyed the first 3 installments - Frat Boy and ToppyLove, Hypothetically and Sweet Young Thang. There last two were so-so I guess, maybe I was just through with the college vibe.. 

Kristina M. Sanchez only published three books before this new one - Spaces between Notes but it's already obvious to me I'm going to read everything she publishes. I LOVE her writing. I LOVE the tender way she describes her characters. This one was so so beautiful and I really enjoyed how much real all characters in this book felt. No one's perfect, but accepting yourself is not as easy as it seems. HIGHLY recommended. 

I continued this month reading with two very different novels by Sarina Bowen. The first was Keepsake, the 3rd novel in the "True North" Contemporary Romance series and the second was Rookie Move, the first in the New Adult / Contemporary Romance Series Brooklyn Bruisers series (a spin off to the "Ivy Years" New Adult Series). Yet these two DID have something in common, in both of these the MC had to deal with a difficult past, one that keeps haunting them even when they don't even realize it. One is more down to earth, take a stroll through the apple trees in the farm, the other is flying fast through the ice on the Hockey rink and yet both beautiful touching stories. HIGHLY recommend both of them. 

I finished this months' read with the 14th and 14.5th novels in the Midnight Breed Paranormal Romance Series By Lara Adrian - Defy the Dawn and Midnight Untamed. I enjoyed both of them, but mostly I enjoyed the full length novel. I really dislike the fact there is only one novel each year, I LOVE this series, LOVE the world and the recurring characters. The main plot line is interesting and so with each book I'm intrigued to how everything would be solved in the end. Getting a short novella taking place in the same world (outside the plot line of the regular series) is always nice. It's getting to spend a little bit more time in this beautiful constructed world. If you haven't read this series yet it's a good time to start! There's almost a whole year before the next one will be published. 

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

That's it for this month recap. I really enjoyed most of this month's reads. No wonder considering how much I enjoyed these authors in the past. Too bad for most of these authors I have a long wait until the next one..

Midnight Untamed (Midnight Breed #14.5) [Ettore & Bella] by Lara Adrian

A nice, low in angst, short novella. I LOVE the Midnight Breed world and so gettimg more is always nice. I was surprised that in this one there was a little bit more connection to the plot of the previous full novel. Usually these novellas are TOTALLY off the main plot line or rather the character in the main series. Near the end of the previous one we met Trygg a Breed male who escorted an Atlantean to safety, and hey! here he was in this one, and we got an idea about him and also got to meet his brother Scythe who sounds like a REALLY interesting guy! Who doesn't love a wounded hero, ha?

But I"m losing myself to the surrounding without mentioning the plot! 

Defy the Dawn (Midnight Breed #14) [Brynne & Zael] by Lara Adrian

I kind of hate the fact I have to wait SO LONG for the novels in this series. The series is SO GOOD, the progression of the global plot, the new couples entwined with the older ones is such a joy to read! But sadly it's mostly once a year (with a little reminder with the added novella). I really enjoyed this one, both the MC - Brynne and Zael were intresting characters to get to know, and while their attraction and connection felt a little bit like an insta-love, that's something I don't have a problem with in this genre. I love the fact they are both storng characters, of mind and body. Brynne is no damsel in distress! Though she does need Zael, more than she wishes. 

We've met both MC in the previous installments, Brynne was helping the Order with a mission outside of her work as investigator in JUSTIS, also making her lose her job for acting outside of her authority, that's how we find Brynne in the first chapter. Feeling a bit out of sorts, now that the most important piece of her life seems to be missing... Zael the Atlantean came to Jordana's help when her father (a close friend of his) died and by that gaining the trust of the Order. He was also amazed to meet Dylan (Rio's mate) and realize she is actually his daughter. Lucan doesn't have a specific need for Zael at the moment so they mainly keep in touch about the problems Opus Nostrum and Selene (the queen of the Atlanteans) are causing. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers #1) [Leo & Georgia] by Sarina Bowen

I LOVED this one! Made me really miss the "Ivy Years" series as well. Yet it WAS different because the whole setting wasn't the same (mostly not in college anymore..). I was really excited about this one, from when I heard it's going to be of Leo and Georgia. We've met/heard of them in the Ivy Years, Leo was mostly known as "Trevi" back there, he is also DJ's brother (the MC in the "Fifteenth Minute"), who is also a friend of Georgia so we've actually got a glimpse of Leo and Georgia's past. But it you haven't read the "Ivy Years" and so I'm talking nonsense here, don't feel bad, you really don't need to read anything before this one. Though I DO highly recommend the "Ivy Years", it's not a must for this series. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Keepsake (True North #3) [Zach & Lark] by Sarina Bowen

Zach and Lark's story was such a beautiful journey. I loved Zach from the first installment in the series and so I was waiting to see who Sarina would pair him with. He is a unique guy. He is sweet and sensitive, insecure at times, and yet he is a manly man. His life wasn't easy but on the Shipley's farm he is finding his place and learning who he is and who he can be. Lark on the other hand, had a very easy life, she just made it more interesting with her constant adventures. The last one leaving her broken and in a desperate need of finding peace and quiet for a while - which is why she comes to help the Shipley's. She and May have been best friends since College so helping out a friend and also having her near her is the best May can offer Lark. 

There's interest and attraction between Lark and Zach right from the beginning, but Lark isn't ready for anything like that, though she enjoys admiring Zach from afar, Zach wouldn't make any move first because she is May's friend and also because Griffin would disapprove, not to mention Lark seems to have bigger issues to deal with, but also because he is quite inexperienced.. and yet as they spend more time together, and mostly as Zach is there for Lark in her time of need, something builds up. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Spaces Between Notes by Kristina M. Sanchez

Utterly beautiful love story. It's the kind of book you simply don't want to put down - so I didn't :) I sat a full evening engulfing myself with Kristina's unique characters. I really enjoyed the love story, but above that I enjoyed getting to know Niko and Carys but also Niko's best friend Jamie, his siblings and even Carys' brother which isn't the easiest character to like in the book.. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Poster Boy (Theta Alpha Gamma #5) [Toby & Jock] by Anne Tenino

This was another funny and sweet (and also the last) installment in the "Theta Alpha Gamma" frat house series. I enjoyed getting to know both Toby and Jock and having more of some of the others who are SO silly, it's really is impossible not to laugh about how CUTE they are. Yet this one wasn't a favorite. For me, it was too long. The whole story is somehow more focused on the frat boys than on the couple or at least it seemed that way because it takes WAY TOO LONG for Toby and Jock to find their way to one another. It made them both insecure in a way I thought mostly charming and sweet, mostly when it concerns Toby who unlike Jock is actually a confident guy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good Boy (Theta Alpha Gamma #4) [Brad & Sebastian] by Anne Tenino

I'm disappointed.  I mean, I KNEW where this one was going but it's not just the fact that Brad and Sebastian are s/D (now), that was half obvious to happen from the first installment in the series - "Frat Boy and Toppy" - in which we were introduced to them..It's the fact that I LIKED Sebastian before, yeah he had a little bit of a mean streak to him, but I thought it funny at the time, as he's being sarcastic, now I realize I just don't like him as a person and so him getting a HEA with a guy I actually DO really like - Brad - made their whole relationship turn sour in my mouth. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sweet Young Thang (Theta Alpha Gamma #3) [Collin & Eric] by Anne Tenino

We've met Collin in the first installment, he was Brad's new roommate and fellow frat boy in Theta Alpha Gamma. He knew he was gay, even came on to Brad but he isn't out. That didn't seem to be possible to change for a while.. Not when his uncle Monty, the guy who raised him after his father died have so many expectations from him.. This book was the turning point for Collin, from the guy who agrees with his uncle just because he has to, to the guy who can stand for himself with a full frat house behind him. 

It all started when TAG decided to make it clear on their acceptance registration that gay men are welcome to be a part of the frat house. It seems the Alumni Committee wasn't so into the idea not to mention they were afraid people would take actions against the frat house because of this change. TAG weren't about to back down no matter what, and I gotta say they had pretty cool ideas how to make a stand with their beliefs. Even though it was still funny as hell to see those guys and how they conduct serious business :D 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Love, Hypothetically (Theta Alpha Gamma #2) [Paul & Trevor] by Anne Tenino

This was somehow a bit different from the previous one, I mean, it was still a funny read, but it had a lot more drama to it and I guess, Paul isn't a guy it's easy to love (or even like).. he is bitter and annoying most of the time but I think this short novella was his turning point. Which was hilarious to read :)

Paul and Trevor were high school sweethearts but since Trevor was a jock interested in playing professionally he couldn't be out. So though it felt very serious between the two, Paul was "the dirty little secret", having to deal with Trevor having a girlfriend and not being able to truly BE with Trevor. Then the ultimate act of betrayal from Trevor brought us the Paul we've met (9 years later) as Sebastian's friend and roommate who HATES jocks. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Frat Boy and Toppy (Theta Alpha Gamma #1) [Brad & Sebastian] by Anne Tenino

This was a FUN read, easily a Laugh Out Loud romance, not heavy, very mild on the drama, almost no angst, all the characters are easy going and FUN. FUN is THE word for this book. It's a light weight romance, we only get a HFN but it's enough because it's SO SWEET and funny. I"m not usually impressed with college jocks and them acting stupid, but hearing Brad's thoughts was GREAT. Sebastian was more mature, age-wise as well as generally, more serious but he was so damn sweet towards Brad I couldn't NOT love him as well. It got a bit kinky but really, not too much (considering frat boys are full of hormones and there's quite a lot of sex in this not so long novel).

Brad just realized he's gay. He might have realized it sooner but he was doing his best ignoring it, mainly with looking as though he is screwing around. Well, besides, Ashley, they were together months.. but didn't have sex.. he didn't want to.. Looking between Sebastian the HOT PA in his History class and Ashley it's no brainer really, only getting TO Sebastian is another matter entirely... 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chase the Sun (Free Fall #2) [Jaime & Conner] by Christina Lee & Nyrae Dawn

This was a sweet "coming of age" novel. I liked  both Jaime and Conner, they sound different when we first get to know them, but as the plot unfolds, it's easy to see they are perfect for one another, and the past they shared together only make it more clear why being together is the only thing that could make sense mostly to Conner but also to Jaime. 

Jaime and Conner grew up together in a small town, their knew each other from small age since Conner used to stay a lot at his uncle's house which is the one next to Jaime's family. Conner is a care-free kind of guy who likes to enjoy life to the fullest, it's the way he was raised by his hippie parents. Jaime on the other hand, is a family oriented guy, an introvert. He works for his father's garage, lives at home with his parents, helping out his mother who has MS. He doesn't go out much and when he does it's usually to a bar with his best friend or a gay bar in the next town to hook up. In the small town he lives in, being gay isn't something he can really flaunt. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 2016 Goals

Though I had a horrible month in September, this month I want things to get back in track, meaning my LIFE BACK. Dealing with losing Eric, my new puppy Lin, dealing with so many assignments left me without breath. This month is full of holidays I tend to fully take advantage of. 

I've recently read "Touch the Sky" - the first book in this New Adult MM Romance Series and LOVED it, oh how I loved it! So getting a new one so soon - YES PLEASE! Wonder if it's going to be soul wrenching as the first one was... mmm, I haven't even read the synopsis, why bother? ;) This one launched in the beginning of September.

It's been a while since I've read any book by Anne, and so I hope this New Adult MM Romance would be a fun way to start this month's reading. 

This is a totally surprise release and I'm really excited about it! Kristina has only 3 books out and I really loved them! There was a cover reveal a short while ago but the book isn't even on GoodReads yet though the book will be released somewhere in the middle of October I think. It's going to be a Contemporary Romance novel. 

A new series by Sarina - sign me up! The first one is a new Contemporary Romance series, a spin off to the AWESOME New Adult "The Ivy Years" Series. They are all grown up after finishing college. The second is also a new Contemporary Romance series but not sports relate. I LOVED the previous one so I"m really excited about this one! 

Yeah, there are 13 AWESOME books in the "Midnight Breed" Paranormal Romance Series so getting another one (and a half..) is always a bonus. Lara did an amazing job with this series. I loved the way the whole arc was played and the new arc from a few novels back. Right now it's my favorite long Paranormal series. These two are new releases in the series, as always with the short novellas in this one it can be read a standalone. 

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