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Monday, July 25, 2016

Proposing to Preston (The Winslow Brothers #2) [Preston & Elise] by Katy Regnery

Well, this book brought out so much out of me! I was agitated, I was mad, I was annoyed and most of it because Preston is SUCH an amazing guy, and through the synopsis I could just imagine how much Elise is going to hurt him and so every word, every step, I was cringing inside, feeling as though she doesn't deserve him with her self doubts and tendency to RUN. But what kept me going and what made this book so amazing was how HUMAN she felt. She made a LOT of mistakes, not only where Preston concerned, and considering how difficult her life have been, I mostly feel sad for her, and TOTALLY get all her actions. I couldn't and wouldn't hate her for her actions, each and everyone of them was her trying to find herself, her place in this world. She truly didn't mean to hurt Preston and even he at a certain point got her action and realized he could have played things differently himself if he was aware of her fears and worries. The whole story was heart breakingly beautiful, so touching and sweet on the one hand and on the other, sad and almost hopeless (for them, we, as the readers had the privilege of knowing they never forgot each other). 

So let's back up a bit so I can say a few words about what actually happened! 
Elise and Preston timing is always "shit" (as they put it). The first time was after Preston saw her acting in a TERRIBLE play, but right after that she got an amazing opportunity for greatness. Yet times kept being difficult for her, and through that, for them, to maintain a relationship when she was working two jobs just to keep herself above water. But love is love, and right from the beginning, they clicked. 

Preston and Elise came from a VERY different background, while we already know Preston Winslow comes from money, living his life and luxuriously and (quite) happily. Pursuing his law degree since his Olympic dreams had to be put aside the only thing missing in his life is love and so when Elise appears in front of him on the stage he is very serious about doing is very best to make her his own. He is sweet, romantic, generous, considerate. He is never truly pushy though he wants so much more than what they can have. 

Elise Klassan grew up on a simple farm in a Mennonite community (I had no idea what this actually means so I really liked not only getting the explanation throughout the story but also the way their life is showed later on in the book). Her family is very conservative, and though this is the way she was brought up, she had other ideas about her future. So right after finishing high school she left the small community to study to become an actress. Broadway being her big dream. Though when they first met she is still on her first few steps, she is determined to work as hard as she can to make her dream come true. So no matter how much she wants Preston and even loves him, her acting career is her top priority. 

This is where they clash and basically crash and burn, this is where the first half of the book ends. Then, we continue two years later (the present) with Elise being a famous actor living being presented with an acting opportunity near Preston's family estate. Though it's been two years, they both love miss each other and yet, Elise is scared of approaching Preston, and he is unable to reconnect with her but also to send her the divorce paper he made ages ago. When they met, Preston is cold and stony and so it's Elise's turn to pursue him, and make amends for her poor decisions. Preston is doesn't cooperate with Elise's attempt but when a sad phone call confronts Elise with her past, he puts aside his anger and hurt to be there for her, which enables them to actually TALK to each other and find the way back to each other. 

I LOVED this story, both Elise and Preston felt so genuinely REAL to me.  Though Preston IS close to being perfect he wasn't and I loved seeing him admit to where he might have been wrong. Though Elise made mistakes, they only made her human, and her way (really, her mother's way) to make amends was so heart felt. I think it's something we should all learn to do, and mostly be brave enough to act upon when we somehow left someone behind, hurt him or her. Even though her mistakes were due to her fears, for me approaching Preston the way she did showed extreme strength maybe because her actions left her in such a vulnerable state. 

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A second chance romance, the kind that you might get a bit mad and growlly in the beginning but you are sure to be purring when it's all over.   
Thanks Katy for such a wonderful ride. Off to read the next one!

Yeah, forgot to mention - this one could be read as a stand alone, but why do that when you can enjoy getting to know Brook and Skye first? For me, this one was better than the first, but they are so different, there is no real place for comparison. 

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Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 269 pages, 23-24 July 2016 / On GoodReads

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